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Reduce Size and Weight

A thin walled or thin sectioned bearing design allows you to create compact and light-weight designs that deliver savings in terms of raw material costs.

Our variety of surface engineering solutions make it possible to reduce bearing width or shaft diameter whilst still meeting the diverse and difficult operating condition requirements without reducing required service life.

The polymer coatings solutions provide excellent friction and wear properties allowing for designs with fewer parts that can save space and reduce weight with less demanding specifications for surface finishing or hardness. 
As well as being intrinsically light weight, the range of the EP™ series engineered plastic bearings offers unlimited design freedom for additional functional integration and compact designs. 

  • Reduce material costs and weight while gaining housing to achieve a more compact, enhanced design 
  • Our lightweight engineered plastics bearings and polymer coatings offer nearly unlimited dimensions and design features 
  • A variety of our bearing solutions feature high strength aluminum alloys with antifriction and wear resistance properties 
  • Polymer coatings can save space and reduce weight with less demanding specifications for surface finishing or hardness 
  • The range of the EP™ series of light engineered plastics bearings offers unlimited dimensions and design features. 

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