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GGB Low friction bearing solutions for aerospace and aircraft interiors

Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearings for Aerospace Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB bearing solutions for overhead compartments and storage bins

Aircraft interiors play a key role in providing passengers with an enjoyable travel experience.

Bearings are found in a variety of applications in aircraft interiors including overhead storage bins, fold down trays, seat arm rests, seat reclining mechanisms, and hinge points. To provide the best passenger experience, these self-lubricating journal bearings must be able to withstand constant passenger use and perform without signs of wear.

GGB Aircraft Bearing Solution
GGB DP4 metal-polymer flanged bearings for aircraft interiors

GGB offers metal-polymer and engineered plastic bearings for aircraft interior applications.

DP4® is a lead-free, self-lubricating metal-polymer bearing that consists of a strong steel backing, a porous bronze inner structure, and a polymer resin lining. DP4® bearing features a thin wall design for space and weight reductions compared to traditional plain bearings. DP4® low friction bearings are generally free from stick slip and are able to operate without manual lubrication.

Our thermoset engineered plastic bearings provide cost-effective solutions for aircraft applications without compromising on quality. The structure of GGB engineered plastic polymer bearings consists of a variety of resins compounded with reinforcing fibers and solid lubricant. This composition causes these engineered plastic bearings to exhibit excellent dimensional stability, low coefficients of friction, and high compressive strength.

Moreover, EP™43 plain bearings and EP™63 journal bearings are approved to standards FAR 25.853 and FAR 25.855 –  Federal Aviation Regulations for flammability and toxicity requirements – making both suitable for interior aircraft applications

GGB Aerospace Bearings - Benefits

In aircraft interior applications, DP4® bearings offer the following benefits:

Additionally, GGB engineered plastic polymer bearings are a light-weight, cost-effective solution for aircraft interior applications that offer the following benefits:

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