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At GGB, we know just about every facet of the recreational industry. And we know the unique challenges each manufacturer faces—from ATVs, bicycles and snowmobiles to fishing equipment, recreational watercraft, golf carts and many more. Our dependable, self-lubricating solutions are designed to meet and exceed those challenges with longer service life, high wear resistance, low friction, higher speeds, and so much more. 

Gain a Significant Cost Advantage

GGB’s self-lubricating bushings offer customers significant cost advantages in many applications thanks to a longer bearing life, high wear resistance and low friction over a wide range of load, speed and temperature conditions. And when you partner with us early in the process, we can identify even more opportunities for additional efficiencies and cost-savings. 




GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion


  • Quads
  • Motorcycles
  • Cableways
  • Ski Lifts
  • Anti-theft Systems
  • Boat Hoist Pulleys
  • Electric Fishing Reels
  • Elliptical Trainers for Cross-Country Skiing
  • Articulated Touring Ski Bindings
  • Drive Wheels in Electric Golf CaddiesGGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion
  • Golf Cart Front Suspensions
  • Brake Systems and Bridge Supports for Mountain Gondolas
  • Pleasure Craft Hatches and Rudders
  • Multi-Gym Weight Stations
  • Zip Line Pulleys
  • Snowmobile Shock Absorbers
  • Hang Glider Simulators
  • ATV Towing Hitch Systems
  • Skateboard Bushings
  • Cycling Equipment: Shock Absorbers, Rear Suspension Arms, Pedals, Wheel Hub, Brake Levers, Motorbike Starters, and accessories



Increase Performance and Extend Service Life
  • Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity result in extended service life, while low friction properties reduce power losses for improved equipment performance. 
Reduce Costs
  • GGB surface solutions can eliminate the need for hardening and machining grease paths, while also offering space and weight savings for simplified assembly.
Lower Environmental Impact
  • Greaseless, lead-free GGB surface solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations to restrict the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment.
A Breadth of Solutions for Recreational Applications
  • Discover our wide range of tribological solutions designed for scores of applications across the recreational industry.