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Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bearing
GGB EP44 Self-lubricating polymer plain bearing with Carbon fibres and PTFE
GGB EP44 Self-lubricating polymer flanged bearings with Carbon fibres and PTFE
GGB EP44 Self-lubricating polymer special bearing
GGB EP44 Self-lubricating polymer thrust washer with Carbon fibres and PTFE
GGB EP44 polymer special shape bearing with unlimited dimensions and design features

Product's benefits

  • Product Material resists Chemicals
    Chemical Resistant
  • One Piece Compact design
    One Piece Compact Design
  • Materials reduces size and weight
    Reduce size/weight
  • Material helps reduce noise
    Reduce noise
  • Material offers a low weight solution
    Low Weight
  • Material helps extend application's service life
    Extended service life
  • Material operates well in corrosive environments
    Eliminate corrosion


  • Good bearing performance in dry working conditions
  • Good bearing performance in lubricated or marginally lubricated applications
  • Corrosion resistant in humid/saline environments
  • Very good price performance ratio for high temperature applications
  • Very good weight performance ratio
  • Within injection moulding tool feasibility unlimited dimensions and design features
  • Compliant to ELV, WEEE and RoHS specifications

EP44 Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, sliding plates, half-bearings, customized bearing designs


Thermoplastic Compound Material 

PPS + Solid Lubricant + Fillers

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