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METAFRAM Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze Bearings
GGB-BP25 sintered bronze cylindrical bearings for maintenance-free operations
GGB-BP25 Maintenance-free sintered bronze flanged bushes
GGB-BP25 Metafram Spherical bearing
GGB-BP25 Maintenance-free sintered bronze thrust washer
GGB-BP25 sintered bronze special bearings for maintenance-free operations

Product's benefits

  • Quality materials you can rely on
  • Material allows for compact design
    Common to One Piece Compact Design
  • Material offers good wear resistance
    Increased Wear Resistance
  • Material helps extend application's service life
    Extended service life
  • Material operates well in dry environment
    Dry operation
  • Material provides dimensional stability
    Dimensional Stability


  • Similar to SINT A 50, impregnation group 1
  • Maintenance-free bearing for general engineering applications
  • Optimum performance under relatively light loads and high speeds
  • Produced by powder metallurgy process and therefore suitable for complex shapes

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Plain cylindrical bushes
  • Plain flanged bushes

Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes and flanged bushes with non-standard dimensions, spherical bearings, tubes and rod blanks, customized bearing designs


GGB-BP25 METAFRAM Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze Bearings and Bronze Sleeve Bushings

Similar to SINT A 50, Impregnation
Group 1

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