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TriboShield™ TS741

Low Friction Polymer Coatings for High Loads Applications
GGB TriboShield TS741 low friction polymer coating with high load capacity
Special gear coated with GGB triboshield TS741 low friction polymer coatings
Turbo rotor coated with GGB triboshield TS741 low friction polymer coatings
GGB Special part coated with GGB Triboshield TS741 nanostructured polymer coatings


TS741 is based on high-performance thermoplastics specifically developed for demanding and heavy duty applications. Very high load bearing capacity and low friction at moderate to high loads are some of its standout features. TS741 is part of the standard TriboShield™ product range.


  • Highly loaded mechanisms
  • Mechanisms requiring lifetime lubrication in dry conditions
  • Submerged parts requiring corrosion protection
  • Harsh chemical environments
  • Braking systems, cutting blades...
  • Very high load bearing capacity
  • Excellent wear resistance and sliding properties
  • Very low friction in medium to high load conditions
  • Very good non-stick properties

TriboShield coatings are applied directly to the customer’s part and are suitable for complex geometries as well as various substrates e.g. steel, stainless steel, Al, Ti, Mg, etc. They can be used for both interacting surfaces that are in relative motion.

Coatings Advantages

  • More compact design
  • Less complex system assembly
  • Reduced weight
  • Increased surface durability

* Dependent on contact pressure, sliding speed and contact geometry.

** Your specific food contact condition may require additional approval.

For more information please either check our Coatings FAQ section or contact your local GGB representative. 

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