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GGB company culture embraces the dual bottom line approach and inspires personal growth

GGB Culture

Embracing Our Full Potentional

With over a thousand global employees, we foster workplace environments based on trust, compassion, determination, collaboration and respect—embracing the potential of everyone. 

GGB supports the idea of The Dual Bottom Line, a progressive business model that focuses on individual personal accomplishments and well-being in addition to fiscal performance. Because when employees have the autonomy to focus on their development and goals—pursuing what fulfills them to achieve their full potential—the entire company benefits.

Enpro Industries - Dual Bottom Line

Empowering Those Around Us 

At GGB, we offer employees a variety of opportunities to take part in community building. We believe it’s important to foster individual and team participation by taking part in events and activities aiming to aid and empower those around us. From all our locations around the world, GGB employees devote themselves in team building activities such as charity runs, community service, company-sponsored breakfasts, and more. 


And Empowering Us 

We believe the emotional wellbeing and mental state of GGB employees translates to improved communication and performance. To put ourselves in the right mental space for work, we begin meetings and conference calls with mindfulness practices such as centering—our version of meditation—to help focus conversation and make everybody more present. We invest in one another through celebrations of anniversaries, personal victories, and larger cultural events, reminding one another that our achievements and milestones in life are important to the work we do for our business partners and clients.  

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