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GGB company culture embraces the dual bottom line approach and inspires personal growth

Nossa Cultura

Estimulando Todo Nosso Potencial

Com mais de mil colaboradores ao redor do mundo, fomentamos ambientes de trabalho baseados na confiança, empatia, determinação, colaboração e respeito — estimulando o potencial de todos. 

A GGB apoia a ideia de "Dual Bottom Line" (Meta Dupla), um modelo de negócio que foca nas realizações individuais e no bem-estar dos colaboradores, em complementação ao desempenho financeiro. Porque quando os colaboradores têm autonomia para focarem no seu desenvolvimento e objetivos — buscando aquilo que os leva a atingir o seu pleno potencial —, toda a empresa se beneficia.

Enpro Industries - Dual Bottom Line

Empoderando as pessoas ao nosso redor

Na GGB, oferecemos aos colaboradores diversas oportunidades de contribuir com as comunidades que nos cercam. Acreditamos que é importante promover a participação, individual e em equipe, em eventos e atividades que visam ajudar e capacitar aqueles que nos rodeiam. Em todas as nossas filiais ao redor do mundo, os colaboradores da GGB se dedicam a atividades como ações beneficentes, serviços comunitários, cafés da manhã pagos pela empresa, e muito mais. 


E nos empoderando

Acreditamos que o bem-estar emocional e o estado mental dos colaboradores da GGB se traduzem em melhor comunicação e desempenho. Para nos colocarmos na postura mental adequada para o trabalho, iniciamos reuniões e teleconferências com práticas de atenção plena (mindfulness), como o "centering" — nossa versão de meditação —, para ajudar a focar a conversa e tornar todos mais presentes. Investimos uns nos outros através de comemorações de aniversários, de vitórias pessoais e eventos culturais maiores, lembrando uns aos outros de que nossas conquistas e marcos na vida são importantes para o trabalho que desenvolvemos com nossos parceiros de negócios e clientes.  


Sustainability at GGB

At GGB, we're committed to safeguarding the environment with sound business practices. 
Respecting the environment is crucial to our core values. That’s why we strive to continue creating superior products that deliver what you need, while being respectful of the environment. We all share this planet; let’s try our best to make it better for future generations.

Discover more information about Enpro's commitment to environmental sustainability.


Everyone Teaches  - Everyone Learns

GGB - Everyone Teaches - Everyone Learns


We believe that leadership is demonstrated through behavior, constant learning and teaching.

 Enpro is a learning organization focused on: 

GGB Apprenticeship
  • Supporting learning and unique learning styles
  • Offering course/training for technical skills, self-development, and leadership 
  • Providing development which is integrated into our daily work. 

We have multiple processes and initiatives to encourage career development and growth for all of our employees. 


December 2020 - A Christmas of Solidarity

GGB supports Secours Populaire

Mid-December, GGB employees organized a collection for the benefit of Secours Populaire (a French non-profit organization that provides material, medical, moral and legal assistance to victims of social injustice, natural, misery, hunger…) 

The association came to GGB to collect 11 boxes of basic necessities to distribute them on the same day to people in need at the local branch of Secours Populaire. 

GGB would like to thank its employees for their generosity during the holiday season. 

February 2021 - Local companies mobilize for students

GGB supports students

Many students have fallen into precariousness because of the health crisis and some companies based in Annecy have decided to act to help them. 

Five local companies, GGB, Allergan, Delpharm, Pfeiffer Vacuum and Salomon, have donated €22,000 to the Foundation Université Savoie Mont Blanc to help students affected by the health crisis. 

This donation is intended to finance food aid (free meals at the canteen), housing, psychological aid (meeting with psychologists) and digital aid (free internet packages). 

March 2021 - GGB to participate in FORMA

GGB participate in FORMA

Since 2015, GGB has been committed to FORMA, the forum for jobs of the future, whose mission is to inform young people about jobs and help them build their career plans. 

The 29th edition took place on March 4, 2021, in virtual format this year due to the health situation. Through the association's website www.forma-annecy.fr, job sheets and webinars were made available for the event and allow pupils and students to find information for their orientation. Videoconference meetings were also organized during which students could exchange with companies and professionals.  

The topic of this year's event was apprenticeship, and GGB produced a video for the occasion in which 3 GGB employees, Florian Bonnevay, Geoffrey Mesmin and Mickael Vernoit, talked about their experiences with apprenticeship and tutoring. 

Work-study programs at GGB

World Health Day at GGB

World Health Day at GGB


GGB Heilbronn, Germany is using International World Health Day as an opportunity to focus on the importance of healthy eating and sufficient exercise. With the motto "Building a fairer, healthier world," the WHO is focusing on equal health opportunities. GGB Heilbronn, Germany wants to contribute a small part to this and therefore provides employees with fresh fruit and a vitality roll.

GGB is committed to helping our community!

GGB supports Cloucester County


GGB supports since 2005 the United Way of Gloucester County each year in a campaign to raise funds to be distributed to local agencies that help our community. The United Way of Gloucester County (UWGC) is an independent nonprofit organization. We are proud of the support and numerous participation of our employees.

GGBees - BE Environmentally Sensitive

GGBees - our own company bees

GGB Slovakia has always encouraged environmentally conscious initiatives in the workplace and local community.

The latest venture, which began at the end of 2020, was to keep own company bees - our “GGBees”.

GGBees - our own company bees


The role of bees in nature is vital – no bees no life – as their unique role in pollination cannot be replaced by any other insects. Furthermore, bee’s products like honey, pollen, wax, royal jelly are all beneficial to human health.


GGBees in Annecy, France


Walid Ouerghemmi, production operator at GGB France has also graciously installed 3 beehives on the Annecy site, which he regularly monitors for development. Passionate about bees and biodiversity, Walid raises public awareness on these subjects and offers animations in schools, companies, associations and day care centers. At the same time, he proposes to local companies and individuals to sponsor hives.

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