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Bronze Plain Bearings with Grease Reservoirs
GGB LDD Perforated bronze bearings and bushings to increase lubrication intervals
GGB LDD Perforated cylindrical bronze bearings and bushings

Product's benefits

  • One Piece Compact design
    One Piece Compact Design
  • Material is suitable for continuous sliding, rotating and oscillating movement
    Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating and Oscillating Movement
  • Quality materials you can rely on
  • Material offers a low weight solution
    Low Weight
  • Material helps extend application's service life
    Extended service life
  • Material provides dimensional stability
    Dimensional Stability


  • Wear resistant, perforated bronze bearing material with integrated seals for lubricated applications
  • Integrated lip seals reduce installation space, protect the bearing from contamination and prolong service life after greasing
  • Suitable for use with all standard greases
  • Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, customized bearing designs


Bronze Plain Bearings and Bronze Sleeve Bushings made of CuSn8
with Grease Reservoirs
and Integrated Lip Seals

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