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Your business depends on the reliability and performance of your vehicles. With the demands for noise reduction, electrification, autonomous driving and comfort, automakers need to look at every component of their vehicles for potential weight and space savings. GGB bearings and surface solutions not only meet strict criteria for the design, function and emissions, they  also help make your vehicles safer and more reliable with better fuel economy. Add it all up and it all translates to customer satisfaction. 

Exceeding Expectations

GGB doesn’t just understand the problems the automotive industry faces—we help prevent them from happening in the first place. From safety and service life issues to ride quality—GGB’s tribological solutions are designed to meet strict criteria for the design, function and performance for over 50 automotive applications—including wipers, convertible tops, interiors, struts, levers, pedals, gearboxes, solenoids and many more. 

    Automobile Applications
    GGB Bearings and Coatings for Automotive Applications


    • Steering Systems: Yoke Support, Steering Column, Gear Pump BearingsGGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion
    • Transmissions: Rear Output Shaft, Main Shaft and Reverse Idle Bearings, Clutches, Pumps, Solenoids, Planetary Gear Sets, Gear Shifting Forks
    • Seats: Seat Recliner, Height Adjuster Mechanisms
    • Axles: Driveline Systems, Kingpins
    • Brake Systems
    • Hinges: door, trunk and hood hinges, door checkers
    • Engine Management: Water and Oil Pumps, Belt Tensioners, Pulley Dampers, Compressors
    • WipersGGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion
    • Convertible Tops
    • Interiors
    • Struts & Shock Absorbers
    • Levers
    • Pedals


    The solution to hard chrome plating obsolescence  

    With high toxicity levels, high costs, and more bans likely coming in the next decade —chemical conversion coatings are becoming a thing of the past.  GGB polymer coatings can be an effective, environmental-friendly solution. Contact your local Application Engineer for additional information. 

    GGB Bearings and Coatings for Automotive Seats Applications


    Reliable surface solutions for autmotive applications

    GGB Car Bearings for Automotive Seating Applications | GGB Videos

    Meet Elevated Standards for Quality and the Environment 
    • Our environmentally friendly, lead-free bearings reduce installation, operating and maintenance costs and are compliant with the European Union's End of Life Vehicles (ELV) directive on the elimination of hazardous materials.  
    Create a Superior Driving Experience 
    • Our range of bearing materials with enhanced properties meet the most stringent performance requirements, offering significant advantages resulting in a reliably long life, low coefficient of friction for smooth operation, and dimensionally stable, highly precise movement. 
    Rely on World-Class Customer Support 
    • GGB’s team of experts offers superior customer service and technical support, providing customer specific automotive surface-solution design at both a global and local level.
    Outperforming the Competition

    GGB can provide customers with a viable tribological solution, working alongside Tier-1 suppliers to global OEMs. Our application and tribology experts can develop a design proposal and supply samples in a shorter time than the competition, outperforming all other proposals. 

    Case Studies

    GGB lead-free DP4 plain bearings mounted on automotive Gearbox Actuator Shafts

    Gearbox Actuator Shaft


    Worldwide, GGB supplies nearly all major Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers in the automotive…

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