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Eco-friendly Plain Bearings & Coatings for HVAC Compressors

Automotive HVAC Compressors

Eco-friendly Engineered Solutions for Reliable Thermal Management

HVAC compressor designers and engineers face unique challenges, from the pressure to optimize development costs, CO2 footprint, logistics, and the development of electric motors and battery packs. With the increasingly fast adoption of electric cars, these challenges become even more important to solve. Our bearings and surface solutions meet strict criteria for design and function, they help create cars that have superior thermal management—improving customer satisfaction and allowing them to go the distance in comfort.  

The Safe Solution for Growing Demands  

With the electric vehicle market growing and more electric cars on the road than ever before, manufacturers are being forced to change their designs to meet the updated requirements. Development costs are rising significantly as designs are moving to larger-sized scroll and rotary compressors. Electric car batteries are big and heavy, and they make it incredibly difficult when attempting to find space and weight savings during the design process. Not only the thermal management of the cabin, from cooling to heating (the engine will not heat the cabin anymore) needs to be managed.  Also, the cooling of the engine and the batteries require engineered solutions.  Additionally, the batteries require either pre-heating or pre-cooling. 

GGB - Tribological Solutions


Manufacturing A Superior Driving Experience   

GGB - Tribological Solutions

 Thanks to our global team of Application Engineers experienced in industrial scroll compressor and fluid power applications, our proved solutions are specifically designed to reduce friction and optimize performance and durability. With our broad customer base, our team is skilled and leverages these experiences into everything we do—giving us a global wealth of knowledge and footprint where we bring our tribological expertise to where you are.  

CO2 footprint eco-friendly solutions

Eco-friendly Solutions

GGB offers conductive and non-conductive materials that allow freedom of shape and compact designs which help designers and engineers downsize components to decrease weight and increase product efficiency. With lead-free and grease-free surface materials that comply with the EU End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and the restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives, our solutions offer sustainability that can help reduce your carbon footprint and replace hard chrome plating and NMP. Our compact and light-weight designs have less impact on the environment than heavy, bulky or greased materials.  Thanks to our global manufacturing plants, we can offer short transportation ways and therefore reduced CO2 emissions.


Reduce NVH

Reduced Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) compared to roller bearings

Plain bearings and polymer coatings solutions offer low NVH components compared to roller bearings and can significantly reduce size, weight and absorb vibration.


Improve Coefficient of Perfomance

Improve Coefficient of Performance 


Power loss for increased output and volumetric efficiency can be reduced even at low speed/high pressure conditions. The materials offer high temperature resistance to accommodate the continuous operation needed for heating and/or colling of batteries.


Inhouse R&D and Global Presence

R&D Partner with a Global Presence  


By working with you at the very start of the design process, we are able to leverage our tribological expertise and in-house R&D capabilities to review and ensure that the bearing and surrounding components are the most cost-effective.


Superior Material Performance

Superior Material Performance


From Polymer Coatings and Metal-Polymer bearings to Engineered Plastics bearings, all of our tribological solutions are specifically designed to operate at the highest level of performance to reduce friction and optimize durability.

The Freedom to Create  

  Working with us early in the design phase assures reliable, cost-effective solutions with shorter lead times. As you get started designing and concepting your project, you have plenty of options given our wide array of tribological solutions. Here’s a first look at some of the innovations we can bring to your design and manufacturing efforts.  

DP31 – A Metal-Polymer bearing solution, the lead-free DP31 features excellent low friction and wear resistance performance in piston compressor applications.  

GGB DP31 lead-free piston compressor bushings

DP10 – A lead-free Metal-Polymer self-lubricating bearing solution that features low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions, especially in the critical start phase.  

GGB DP10 lead-free bearings for compressors

DTS10 - offers superior and stable performance for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles as bearing loads have significantly increased due to the weight addition of the electric motor, electronics and battery pack.

GGB DTS10 bushing used in piston pump applications


TriboShield® – Able to be applied to nearly any surface, regardless of shape or material, TriboShield® polymer coatings are grease-free solutions that improve performance by reducing friction, increasing wear life, reducing system noise, and greatly improving corrosion resistance. Polymer coatings can be an effective, environmental-friendly solution to replace hard chrome, NMP and PTFS.

GGB TriboShield eco-friendly Polymer Coatings


TriboMate® – These polymer coating solutions achieve low friction and reduced wear and can enhance the performance of other GGB products when paired either with another coating or with a GGB bearing material and can be an environmental-friendly solution to replace hard chrome, NMP and PFAS.

GGB TriboMate Paired Coatings Solutions for reduced friction


Outperforming the Competition  

GGB can provide customers with a viable tribological solution, working alongside Tier-1 suppliers to global OEMs. Our application and tribology experts can develop a design proposal, and from prototype delivery to serial production and assembly, our experts will accompany you.

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