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Solid Polymer Double Flange Bearing Assembly

GGB FLASH-CLICK double flanged plastic bearings
GGB Flash-click flange half plastic bearing
GGB FLASH-CLICK engineered plastic double flanged bearings

Product's benefits

  • Simply Assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Reduced System Cost
    Reduced System Cost
  • Reduce Size and Weight
    Reduce size/weight
  • Reduce Noise
    Reduce noise
  • Low Weight
    Low Weight
  • Extended Service Life
    Extended service life
  • Eliminate Corrosion
    Eliminate corrosion


  • Can be used with different bearing housing materials, e.g. aluminium, magnesium and plastic
  • Feasible for a larger variety of bearing housing dimensions, from thin metal sheet housings up to multiple and sectional longer housing areas
  • Reduced total system costs with increased bearing housing tolerances, even stamped or laser burned housings are suitable
  • Manual and automated installation possible

Non standard parts made to order

GGB FLASH-CLICK - Solid Polymer Double Flange Bearing Assembly
GGB EP® Range - Engineered Plastics Bearings - Performance in all Shapes

Operating performance

Dry Operation Consult with Applications Engineer
Lubricated Operation Not-applicable
Greased Operation Consult with Applications Engineer
Machinable Consult with Applications Engineer
RoHS Compliant Compliant
Standard Sizes Consult with Applications Engineer
Application Excellence


Thermosplastic special double flange bearing design

Technical specifications

  • General

    The FLASH-CLICK® bearing design can be applied to all of the engineered plastics bearing materials.
    Click on the product page of the engineered plastics material to find the specific bearing properties.

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