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Safety for All

Our largest responsibility is to assure our factories are safe places to work. But safety is more than statistics or awards; it’s a personal and shared responsibility to look out for our own and others’ well-being, both in the workplace and at home. We firmly believe all accidents can be prevented. 

"My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.”


Our world-class manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001), the international standard for occupational health and safety system—ensuring customers receive a high quality product, but also assuring that everyone at our facilities safely return to their loved ones at home. To create safe, injury-free workplaces, we have formed active safety programs to provide employees with annual first-aid training, quarterly information exchange meetings, monthly safety inspections, and continual monitoring of air quality and noise levels. Other safety practices include:  

  1. Proper safety attire 

  2. Accident investigation 
  3. Increased pedestrian safety 

  4. Fire drill and evacuation exercises 
  5. Weekly and monthly health and safety audits 

  6. Yearly safety training for all GGB employees 


Every 5 years, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs presents an award for the safest companies in the Slovak Republic. GGB Slovakia was granted the "Safe Enterprise" award for the third time in a row (2011, 2016, 2021). 

GGB Slovakia - Safer Enterprise Award


Spreading Safety

GGB and its sister EnPro companies share workplace safety tips and concepts through the EnPro Learning System. A SafetySummit event is hosted twice a year to allow other organizations to experience our positive safety culture. An interactive tour of one of our manufacturing facilities and workshops delivered by our safety coaches gives attendees a first-hand experience as to how we teach best practices and build programs that ensure the safety of everyone. 
When returning from long holiday breaks, we also refresh and remind staff about safety concepts through routine plant-wide meetings with an emphasis on safety. Designed to reinforce safety-conscious attitudes, these meetings help bring back these ideas to the forefront of employee’s minds. 

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