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Metal-Polymer Bearings

High Wear Resistance with Low Friction

Consisting of a metal backing for high mechanical strength and a sintered bronze layer, Metal-Polymer bearings are impregnated with an anti-friction overlay enriched with PTFE or high performing thermoplastic combined with fillers to obtain an optimal running surface.

Offering superior anti-friction and wear-resistant properties, Metal-Polymer bearings can operate dry or with external lubrication—delivering superior performance through its unique composite structure. 

GGB | Metal Polymer Materials

To keep innovating in the space of tribological bearings, we continue to push ourselves to increase wear resistance while improving friction. Recent advances that deliver improved tribological properties are creating opportunities to meet these challenges and help revolutionize component design and manufacturing. Ideal for hundreds of applications in a variety of global industries, Metal-Polymer solutions are easily customized for customer specifications and requirements: from grooves and holes for lubricant to punched and stamped shapes. 

The Freedom to Innovate

In any project, considering tribological requirements as early as possible in the system design process is critical to ensuring optimal performance or expand beyond traditional surface engineering solutions. This allows you to take full advantage of part shape to minimize the number of components and maximize service life. Depending on your application’s requirements, our Metal-Polymer bearings can be customized for a wide range of uses. Many shapes and sizes are possible—with inner diameters ranging from 2mm/0.08in to more than 500mm/20in.  

Finally the type of loading applied to a bearing determines which shape is required from the following:

Cylindrical Bearings for Radial Loads

Cylindrical Bearings / Split Bushings 

Radial Loads

Flanged Bearings for radial loads and light axial loads

Flanged Bearings / Flanged Split Bushings

Radial Loads and Light Axial Loads 

Thrust Washers for heavy axial loads

Thrust Washers 

Heavy Axial Loads 

Flanged Thrust Washer for Heavy Axial Loads

Flanged Thrust Washers 

Heavy Axial Loads 

Sliding Plates can be manufactured according to final shape

Sliding Plates 

According to Final Shape

DU Preferred Series

DU® Preferred Series is the lead free solution to DU® bearings

For GGB Metal-Polymer products that are lead free, look to the DU Preferred Series "DP". Our lead-free alternatives are available in a wide range of products and represent our dedication toward innovating environmentally-friendly solutions. The DU Preferred Series is one small way we try to help improve human safety and the overall health of our planet. 


Lead-Free Bushings 
DP4®    |    DP4-B    |   DP10    |    DP11    |    DP31
Lead Split Bushings
 DU®    |   DU-B


Lead Free Products
DX®    |    DX®10    |    DTS10®    |    DS    |    HI-EX®

Experience the Advantage


Energy Efficiency
Low Friction Energy Efficiency

Improved energy performance due to low friction property of PTFE-enriched overlay


Extended Service Life

Extended Service Life

From high wear-resistance bronze layer

From high overlay resistance under fatigue loading, cavitation erosion and edge loading 


Reduced Maintenance
Reduced/Zero Maintenance

From self-lubricating bearings that can operate dry without grease

From indents in the overlay which act as reservoirs for grease 


Increased Durability and Reliability
Increased Durability and Reliability

Avoids potential shaft and bearing seizure under boundary lubricated conditions and frequent stop/start operation 


Lightweight Design
Compact, Lightweight Design

Through thin-wall bearing construction


Reduced Noise
Reduced Noise

By eliminating metal-to-metal-contact between the bearing and the shaft


Efficient Operation
Efficient Operation  

Improved operational efficiency with a machinable overlay for reduced clearances and perfect bearing geometry


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