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Eliminate Lubricants

Application performance can be improved by eliminating lubricants as many greased and oiled bearings fail prematurely due to inadequate lubrication and lack of regular or improper maintenance. Partner with GGB and obtain the performance you need in your application without the use of high-cost lubricant systems and lubricants. 

Here are some of the reasons and benefits when lubricants are eliminated: 

  • Periods of regular maintenance for relubrication can reduce operating efficiency which increases TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) due to stoppage and downtime of the machine 

  • Potential harm to the bearings leading to premature equipment failure can be caused by using an incorrect lubricant or topping up with an incompatible lubricant 

  • Additional costs are incurred due to machining of grease paths or oil ways in the shaft or housing, as well as the expensive sealing systems needed to retain the lubricants 

  • Additional savings are gained from eliminating the lubricants and the greasing systems as the cost of lubricants can add up quickly, increasing your overall maintenance and project-build costs 

  • Machine efficiency improvements by eliminating the energy power losses arising from the surface contact between the lubricant seals and the shaft 

  • Better for the environment due to the risks of pollution of the earth from re-greasing or oil changes in the field – the environmental aspect should be highlighted 

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