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GGB Metal-Polymer Automotive Bearings for Door and Boot Hinges

Boot, Bonnet and Door Hinges

Automotive Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearing Solution for Automotive Vehicles


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB Automotive bearings for boot and door hinges

Before the use of metal polymer plain bearings, grease was applied to boot, bonnet and door hinges to act as a lubricant between the pin and the housing during the opening and closing of the hinge.

The disadvantages of this greased solution are:
  • Cost of purchasing the grease and application to the hinges during assembly of the vehicle
  • Repeated squeaking from the hinges during operation once the grease has dried
  • Need to re-grease the hinges during servicing
  • Risk of soiling the clothes of the driver and passengers and pollution of the environment
  • Visual eyesore when the grease runs down from the hinges onto the car body
GGB Bearing Solution for Automotive
GGB DP4 Flange Bearings for Car & Automotive Applications

The majority of today’s passenger vehicles, vans and trucks are fitted with hinges that use self-lubricating GGB DP4 metal polymer plain bearings.

The structure of GGB DP4 automotive bearings consists of a strong steel backing, to which is bonded a porous bronze sinter interlayer impregnated and overlaid with a PTFE enriched  wear resistant bearing layer.

This highly resistant composite bearing structure can withstand specific loads of up to 250 MPa / 36 000 psi and temperatures up to 280°C / 536°F which exceeds the curing temperatures of the cataphoretic paint process

GGB Automotive Bearings - Benefits

In automotive hinges, the excellent self-lubricating properties of GGB DP4 automotive bearings offer the following benefits:

  • Maintenance-free and noise-free operation
  • Smooth and easy operation with a comfortable rotation torque of the hinge when the door is opened and closed
  • Possibility to reduce costs  by increasing the housing tolerance and burnishing the bearing after assembly without an increase in rotation torque of the hinge
  • Reduced door drop and improved service life thanks to the superior load and wear resistance of the bushings
  • Improved corrosion resistance with special surface protection coatings applied to the bearings

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