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Quality and Environment

For a Sustainable Future 

We’re committed to safeguarding the environment with sound business practices by preventing pollution and minimizing waste through recycling—and that includes our products such as a line of lead-free plain bearings that comply with the EU End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. Our self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings have less impact on the environment by replacing heavy, bulky, greased or oiled bearings, meeting the most stringent performance requirements with economical solutions.  

Respecting the environment is crucial to our core values. That’s why we strive to continue creating superior products that deliver what you need while being respectful of the environment. We all share this planet; let’s try our best to make it better for future generations. 

Photovoltaic Power Plant at GGB Slovakia

It's no secret that climate change resulting from man-made greenhouse gas emissions is a global challenge. From extreme weather, to droughts, forest fires, species extinction and more, the consequences affect us all. GGB wants to take steps toward the future and play its part in the necessary energy transition. That's why we installed a 240kW Photovoltaic System on the roof of GGB Slovakia. With help from the sun, we now produce part of our daily electricity needs ourselves and reduce our ecological footprint. 

GGB Sucany Photovoltaic System

Reused, Recovered, Recycled

GGB production plants in Germany and France have developed practices to significantly eliminate waste. GGB Heilbronn achieved a high recycling quote through: 

  1. Refining oil and water for reprocessing 

  2. Burning foil in an incineration plant 

  3. Reusing and granulating plastic 

  4. Recycling paper and cardboard for reuse 

  5. Burning wood in a biomass thermal power plant 

  6. Incinerating residual waste 

  7. Heating water to create steam to power a turbine 

Elevated Standards 

At GGB, we aren’t afraid to take risks for our customers. We are passionate about the work we do and believe that same passion contributes to the level of innovation that can enhance human potential. Offering reliable partnerships based on safety and respect, we’ve evolved from a parts supplier to a holistic tribological consultant that can provide both manufactured components and engineering expertise. We sell more than products—we help solve surface engineering and tribological problems to make you more successful. Everything we do is informed by these guiding beliefs and values. 

  1. We engineer all kinds of surfaces, regardless of material or shape. 

  2. We work closely with you to develop the most appropriate, customized solution for your unique performance goals. 

  3. We are experts in the science of friction, wear, lubrication and interacting surfaces in relative motion. 

Need advice?

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