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Self-Aligning Pillow Block Bearing Housing
GGB UNI Self-aligning bearing housings

Product's benefits

  • Material allows for simple assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Quality materials you can rely on
  • Material withstands high loads
    High Load Capacity
  • Material helps extend application's service life
    Extended service life
  • Material provides dimensional stability
    Dimensional Stability


  • Adjusting bearing for misalignment equalisation
  • All-purpose as flanged or pedestal bearing, suitable for high loads
  • Self-aligning spheric avoids edge load to the bearing
  • Adjustable up to ± 5°
  • Spheric is secured against distortion
  • Depending on choice of housing, spherics and bearings, simple to most demanding bearing solutions are possible
  • For optimum design solutions, various bearings from the GGB product programme are applicable

Made to order


Self-aligning Bearing Housing


Housing material:  GGG40

Spherical material: 16MnCr5


Corrosion resistant material possible

The given data for UNI bearing housings are valid for 12.9 screws (DIN EN 20898, part 1), since the housing stability exceeds the permissible load of the fixing screws.

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