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Metal-Polymer Anti-Friction Plain Bearings

DU self-lubricating bearings available as special form
GGB DU Metal-Polymer Dry Running Special Cylindrical Bushings
DU self-lubricating flange bearings with special format
GGB DU Self-lubricating special shell bearing
GGB DU Metal-Polymer Dry Running Bearing with Special Grooves

Product's benefits

  • Simply Assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Reduced System Cost
    Reduced System Cost
  • Reduce Size and Weight
    Reduce size/weight
  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation
  • Maintenance Free Operation
    Maintenance Free Operation
  • Dry Operation
    Dry operation
  • Dimensional Stability
    Dimensional Stability


  • DU® self-lubricating split bushings offer very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions
  • Bushing material suitable for lubricated applications
  • Anti-friction bearing suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
  • Approved to standard FAR 25.853 and FAR 25.855 (Federal Aviation Regulations) and ASTM E162:2016 – surface flammability testing for aircraft interior applications
  • Tested acc. to ASTM E595/ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C - Outgassing properties of materials used in Spacecraft equipment
  • Approved to standard DIN EN 1797 and ISO 21010 (Cryogenic Vessels – Gas/Material Compatibility) for piping, valves, fittings and other components in both gaseous and liquid oxygen for up to maximum temperature of 60°C and oxygen pressure of 25 bars. Contact GGB for further details.

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Cylindrical bushes / split bushings
  • Flanged bushes / flanged split bushings
  • Thrust washers
  • Flanged washers
  • Sliding plates

Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bushing designs.

For a lead-free alternative material please visit our DP4® bearings webpage. 

GGB retains the exclusive rights to market metal-polymer bearings designated DU® and DX®, which are protected under international trademark laws. Only GGB and its global network of distributors are authorized to market these products as such, so beware of counterfeits which are not produced to GGB´s exacting standards of quality and performance.

GGB DU - Metal-Polymer Plain Bearing Material
GGB DU® & DX® - Metal-Polymer - Maintenance-Free Bearing Solutions (US Market)
GGB DU® and DU-B - Metal-Polymer - Self-Lubricating Bearing Solutions

Operating performance

Choose the product I want to compare
Dry Operation Very Good
Lubricated Operation Good
Greased Operation Fair
Machinable Consult with Applications Engineer
RoHS Compliant Not compliant
Standard Sizes Available
Application Excellence
Very Good
Consult with Applications Engineer
Consult with Applications Engineer
Not Available
Very Good
Consult with Applications Engineer
Not Available
Very Good
Consult with Applications Engineer
Not compliant


Metal-Polymer Composite Self-lubricating Bushing Material

Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Lead

Technical specifications

  • General

    Maximum load, p
    - Static 250 36,000 N/mm2 psi
    - Dynamic 140 20,000 N/mm2 psi
    Operating Temperature
    - Min -200 -328 °C °F
    - Max 280 536 °C °F
    Coefficient of thermal Expansion
    - Parallel to the surface 11 6 10-⁶/K 10-⁶/F
    - Normal to the surface 30 17 10-⁶/K 10-⁶/F
    Maximum sliding speed, U 2.5 500 m/s fpm
    Maximum pU factor 1.8 50,000 N/mm² x m/s psi x fpm
    Coefficient of friction 0.02-0.25* 0.02-0.25*
    Oil Lubricated
    Maximum sliding speed, U 5.0 1,000 m/s fpm
    Maximum pU factor 5.0 143,000 N/mm² x m/s psi x fpm
    Coefficient of friction, f 0.02-0.12 0.02-0.12
    Shaft surface roughness, Ra
    - Dry 0.3-0.5 12 - 20 µm µin
    - Lubricated ≤ 0.05 - 0.4 * ≤ 2 - 16 * µm µin
    Shaft surface hardness
    - Unhardened acceptable, improved bearing life > 200 >200 HB HB
    Operating Performance Value
    For Superior Performance Value
    Dry DP4 / DP11
    Oil lubricated DP4/DP31
    Grease lubricated DP4 / DX
    Water lubricated DP4-B
    Process Fluid Lubricated DP4 / DP31

* Depending on operating conditions 

DU® Case Study

GGB PTFE plain bearings on mars thanks to their durable nature

GGB Bearings Go to Mars

GGB is helping NASA’s Curiosity rover to explore the surface…

Client Testimonials

GGB PTFE plain bearings are mounted on curiosity, the mars rover developed by NASA

Curiosity, The Mars Rover

Bearing Application for Curiosity - Mars Rover

hand winch ggb

Lever Block

Bearing Application for Hand Winch

GGB DU friction plain bearings selected by BESTEC GmbH for vacuum system cover applications

Vacuum System Cover

Bearing Application for Vacuum Technology

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