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Metal-Polymer Bronze Backed PTFE Plain Bearing
DU-B dry bearings with bronze backing are available as special sliding plates
GGB DU-B dry plain bearings with bronze backing and metal polymer composite materials
GGB DU-B Metal-polymer dry running special bearing
GGB DU-B metal-polymer bronze backed special bushing
GGB DU-B metal polymer composite dry thrust washers

Product's benefits

  • Material allows for simple assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Material helps reduce total system cost
    Reduced System Cost
  • Materials reduces size and weight
    Reduce size/weight
  • Materials offer quiet operation
    Quiet Operation
  • Material eliminates/reduces maintenance
    Maintenance Free Operation
  • Material operates well in corrosive environments
    Eliminate corrosion
  • Material operates well in dry environment
    Dry operation
  • Material provides dimensional stability
    Dimensional Stability


  • Very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions
  • Suitable for lubricated applications
  • Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
  • Bronze back offers improved corrosion resistance in humid/saline environments
  • Approved to standard EN 1337-2 for structural bearings for civil engineering

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Sliding plates

Bearing forms made to order: standard forms in special dimensions, thrust washers, flanged thrust washers, half-bearings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bearing designs


  • Metal-Polymer Composite Material
  • Bronze Back + Porous Bronze Sinter +
  • PTFE + Lead

* Depending on operating conditions

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