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In the healthcare industry, it is crucial that components used in medical equipment meet strict regulations and demands for reliability as well as self-lubricating, corrosion-free, noise dampening and more. While meeting these demands are key, a patient’s safety and comfort are a top priority. GGB’s bushings and surface solutions meet these demands while extending service life of your hospital bed, wheelchairs, dental seating and more.

Dependable Solutions Exceeding Expectations

Visiting the Dentist or Doctor can be a stressful experience, especially under emergency circumstances. It is important to ensure your patient is comfortable throughout their entire visit. GGB’s noise dampening and self-lubricating bearing solutions will ensure for noise-free and smooth movement for seating and bed adjustments while eliminating lubricants.

GGB’s corrosion-free solutions are designed to withstand the rigorous cleaning and disinfecting common in medical facilities while providing reliable components that keep medical equipment performing optimally for extended periods of time.  


  • Tribological bearings for prosthetic applications
    Self-lubricating materials that require no grease or lubricants. 
  • Chemical resistance to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals 
  • Noise dampening characteristics to increase patient’s comfort 
  • Easy installation 
  • RoHS compliant materials

The moving parts in the medical industry, both literally and figuratively, are the source of adaptation and advancements that improve medical professionals' ability to best serve their patients. Ranging from implementing innovational equipment advancements to simply improving the patient's comfort in your equipment, GGB has been advancing the medical industry for decades. 



Tribological bearings used in hospital bed applications

GGB provides maintenance-free performance in multiple pivot points for adjusting hospital beds, in the cylinders that raise and lower their backrests and in the brake pedals.

GGB bearings also eliminate stick-slip in the hinges of examination tables and accommodate the high loads and intermittent operation of the articulating levers that control positioning.












Bearings for wheelchair applications

GGB's Engineered Plastic Bearings have tested to be one of the best solutions for Wheelchair applications, specifically in the stem and axle.

Pivot points, folding mechanisms, wheel bearings, and ergonomic adjustments are a few of the additional applications GGB excels in. 







Bearings used in dentist chairs

Our bearings are used in the adjustment mechanisms for dental chairs to optimize the comfort of both patients and caregivers.

They are also used in dental light fixtures and reflectors, which require maintenance-free performance, and in pneumatic tooling, where they can be subjected to high speeds. 







GGB's Bearing & Tribological Solutions for Respirator and Ventilators

GGB's maintenance free solutions offer reliable performance for ventilation equipment moving breathable air into and out of patient's lungs.

GGB's bearing and tribological coatings can help provide a solution for feed pumps, dosing pumps, height adjustments, buckling arms, solenoids and castors.







GGB plain bearings for chair- and stair lifts

The dynamic nature and potential high loads of chair lifts makes a perfect case to introduce GGB's solutions. From bearings to tribological coatings, GGB has the answer to many of the challenges constantly interacting surfaces present. 







Maintenance and Noise Free Bearings for Medical Monitors

Patient monitoring systems are critical in providing high-level quality care at the exact time a patient needs it.

GGB's maintenance-free and noise-free solutions provide the smooth movement required in pivot arms and rotating joints to keep this vital information in perfect view.





GGB offers a wide variety of materials that can meet the demanding needs of medical equipment applications. Our tribological bearings and coatings can be found in a wide range of applications:

  • Self-lubricating bearings for hospital equipment
    Hospital Beds
  • Chair Lifts
  • Wheelchairs
  • Examination Tables 
  • Specialized Patient Seating 
  • Medical Monitors
  • Orthopedic Chairs 
  • Dialysis Equipment 
  • Peristaltic Pumps 
  • Dental Equipment 
  • Imaging & X-ray Equipment 
  • Medical/Dental lighting systems 
  • Physical Rehabilitation Equipment 
  • Fluid Dispensing Equipment 
  • Medication Delivery Equipment 
  • Endoscopic Equipment 
  • Ventilator Equipment 
  • Vehicle Lift Equipment 
  • Prosthetic Devices


Since innovations can have a major impact on healthcare, partnering with tribological experts ensures high quality solutions.GGB's bearing solutions offer maintenance-free performance and reliability to the medical industry. GGB's global footprint allows for quick turn arounds and short lead times to serve customers efficiently anywhere in the world.

Reduced Noise and Assembly Costs

  • The one-piece construction of GGB bearings provides quieter operation, simplified assembly and elimination of fitting damage. 

Low Friction and high wear resistance

  • Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication while reducing wear and extending service life.


  • GGB bearings are self-lubricating, making them ideal for applications requiring long bearing life without continuous maintenance, as well as operating conditions where the presence of lubricants are not favorable. 

Reduced material & systems costs, improved performance

  • Our portfolio of bearings for dynamic medical equipment offers reliability, reduced noise, and lower assembly and material costs while providing superior performance and safety. 

Environmentally friendly

  • Greaseless, lead-free GGB bearings comply with increasingly stringent environmental and ROHS regulations.