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TriboShield® polymer coatings

The Future of Polymer Coatings Solutions Starts Here

Although polymer coating technologies have been widely employed in corrosion protection of component surfaces and other applications, recent advances that deliver improved tribological properties are creating opportunities to meet these challenges and help revolutionize component design and manufacturing. 

The Freedom to Innovate

At GGB, we aren’t afraid to take risks for our customers and take pride in working closely with customers in the early stage of a design to think broadly and boldly—to expand beyond traditional surface engineered solutions. Offering partnerships based on trust, compassion, determination, collaboration and respect, we work to push the boundaries of possibility, inspiring customers across all markets to partner and innovate alongside us. 

In any project, considering tribological requirements as early as possible in the system design process is critical to ensuring optimal performance. This allows you to take full advantage of part shape to minimize the number of components and maximize service life. We employ a global team of application engineering specialists and materials scientists that can assist in the early stages of the product design to identify ways for the right tribological solution to yield size, weight, efficiency and performance enhancements in the final assembly. 

Beyond Bearings: Enhancing Performance with Polymer Coatings

In many industries, complex shapes and surfaces create material challenges for engineers looking to increase performance of their systems while reducing friction and slowing wear for the long haul. What if there was a solution offering freedom of geometry for sliding surfaces?


Discover our TriboShield® Polymer Coatings Products

The Polymer Pyramid 

Our range of polymers are formulated to cover the spectrum of polymers available today—and we can always further customize solutions for specific needs.

GGB TriboShield Standard Range of Polymer Coatings


TriboShield® TS225 - Designed for low friction and high wear resistance at low to medium loads 

TriboShield® TS650 - Offers high performance for lubricated applications

TriboShield® TS651 - Highly suitable for high-frequency/low amplitude (HFLA) applications 

TriboShield® TS652 - Offers low friction properties with added corrosion resistance

TriboShield® TS741 - Offers very high load bearing capacity and low friction at moderate to high loads 

TriboShield® TS742 - Designed for very high load applications

TriboShield® TS801 - Suitable for high temperature operation 


We know there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to efficiency. That's why we're always looking for new ways to tailor our products to meet a wide variety of applications—and these efforts are routinely met with outstanding results. Here are a few industries we've adapted our solutions for:

Aerospace Polymer TriboShield Polymer Coatings Applications


GGB TriboShield® coatings are specifically formulated to be self lubricating and provide the full range of thermal, mechanical and tribological possibilities that today's polymers can offer.



Automotive Applications for Polymer TriboShield Coatings


Offers burr-free application to meet stringent cleanliness requirements and are used in door hinges, convertible roof mechanisms, steering and seating systems.



Industrial Polymer TriboShield Coatings Applications


TriboShield® coatings are versatile enough to provide tribological solutions in a wide variety of applications, from cranes, transportation chains, and solenoids to baby strollers and medical devices (such as dialysis pumps, display mounts, and more). 


GGB is the only true global one-stop solution provider of tribological coatings, covering the full cycle from materials science, formulation, tribological expertise, coating production and coating application.  

GGB can offer development and design expertise, apply and supply fully finished coated solutions, all with a global reach. 

Experience the Advantage


Design Simplification

Design Simplification

Provide tailored friction levels for many complex shaped surfaces that traditional cylindrical bearings cannot access—allowing for a more simplistic design that employs fewer parts.


Most Metallic Substrates

Most Metallic Substrates

Work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Polymer coatings can be considered for polymeric and composite substrates, too.


Chemical and corrosion protection

Chemical and corrosion protection

Feature exceptional chemical and corrosion protection, offering a barrier of inert material between surfaces to extend longevity.


Easy to customize

Easy to customize

Collaborate with our expert team to tailor our polymer coatings to the unique needs of your applications.




Incorporate solid lubricants to deliver self lubricity that can help reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for additional lubrication in machine parts.


Hard chrome eliminaton by polymer coatings

Hard Chrome Replacement

With high toxicity levels, high costs, and more bans likely coming in the next decade —chemical conversion coatings are becoming a thing of the past.  GGB TriboShield® polymer coatings can be an effective, environmental-friendly solution. Contact your local Application Engineer.  


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