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Tribology Surrounds You

Tribology is Everywhere

Tribology is everywhere where contacting surfaces are in a relative movement to each other. In this series of videos we will showcase tribology impacts your daily life.

Limitless Possibilities in Prosthetic Mobility | GGB

In the prosthetic industry every solution is a custom fit. Like prosthetics, GGB understands working closely with customers to design the best fit solution. You can rely on GGB for durable bearing components and polymer coatings that will keep you in motion while offering excellent stability and fluid movement. How can we help you keep moving humanity forward?

Tribology plays its part during the Big Game | GGB

Learn how Tribology plays a role in such a frictionless event. From field and stadium preparation, to fans enjoying the game from their couches, Tribology is everywhere.

A Happy Holiday, made possible by Tribology | GGB

Find out how tribology aides in making the holidays special.

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