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GGB Tribological Solutions for Mining Applications

Reducing Energy through Engineered Bearings

Mining is a global industry that serves as the critical source behind the raw materials needed to maintain and improve standards of living for people everywhere. From road construction and the automobiles that drive on them to hospital equipment and computers, our world depends on the outputs that come from mining. 

GGB - Tribological Solutions

However, as demand for these resources increase around the globe, the mining industry has had to dig deeper mines to find higher-grade ore reserves to keep up. Deep, underground mining is more expensive because more energy is needed to excavate raw materials. This is due to increased demands for more ventilation and air conditioning being needed to the increased difficulties of having to carry materials a further distance away. Plus, because pollution and emissions are health risks to miners, regulations are becoming increasingly more restrictive. These rising energy costs (in addition to social and geopolitical issues) are putting mining companies under a lot of pressure to control costs, heighten efficiencies, and improve safety. 

  • Miners go deeper and deeper searching for higher-grade ore reserves; while modern practices have improved safety and decreased fatalities it is still considered a dirty and unsafe industry 
  • Current pollution and heat emissions cause serious diseases in miners 
  • 40% of mining energy consumption is spent on ventilation and air conditioning systems  
  • More stringent emission regulations globally  
  • Mine waste poses serious environmental risks  

There are four main methods for mining 

    GGB - Tribological Solutions
  • Underground mining – more expensive, often needed to reach deeper deposits 
  • Surface mining – typically used for more shallow and less valuable deposits 
  • Placer mining – used to sieve out valuable metals from sediments in rivers or other environments 
  • In-situ mining – primarily used in copper and uranium extraction; involves dissolving minerals occurring naturally in a solid state 

The Freedom to Innovate 

Working with us early in the design phase assures reliable, cost-effective solutions with shorter lead times. As you get started designing and concepting your project, you have plenty of options given our wide array of bearing solutions. ROHS compliant and eco-friendly, here’s a first look at some of the innovations we can bring to your design and manufacturing efforts. 


Tailored for Mining’s Challenging Environments 

Providing maintenance-free and impact tolerant performance in harsh environments, our metal- and bimetalmetal-polymer and fiber reinforced bearings are grease-free solutions perfect for use in axial roll units, conveyor belts and hoist systems for vertical shaft mines. With an inert nature that makes them suitable for corrosive environments, our composite fiber reinforced bearings feature low-friction, wear-resistant linings and accommodate high static and dynamic loads—ideal for a variety of applications such as swiveling belt conveyors for cutting head machines, crawler track systems, and couplers for equipment attachments. 


Mining Applications 

GGB - Tribological Solutions

  • Motor Grader 
  • Off-highway 
  • Pipelayer 
  • Wheel tractor scraper 
  • Track-type skidder 
  • Wheel-type loader 

GGB - Tribological Solutions

  • Track-type tractor 
  • Earthmoving compactor 
  • Excavator 
  • Dozer 

Advantages GGB Engineered Materials Offer 

Corrosion resistant materials 

Ideal tribological solutions provide excellent wear life with improved corrosion resistance for smooth operation in harsh environments.  

Lower system costs 

GGB bearings reduce shaft costs by eliminating the need for hardening and machining grease paths. Their compact, one-piece construction provides space and weight savings and simplifies assembly compared to roller bearings

Environmental-friendly solutions 

Lead-free GGB bearings comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations such as the EU ELV directive and RoHS directive. Seamless operation and higher productivity with less downtime can be achieved by GGB`s maintenance-free solutions.  

Thanks to our global manufacturing plants we can offer short transport ways that reduce CO2 footprint.  

Improved system performance and service life 

Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity provide extended bearing service life and improved reliability. Additionally, excellent low friction properties reduce power losses for improved equipment performance. 


GGB can provide customers with a viable engineered solution, working alongside global OEMs and their distributors. Our application and tribology experts can develop a design proposal, and from prototype delivery to serial production and assembly, our experts will accompany you. 


GGB - Tribological Solutions  Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings 

HPMB® — A fiber reinforced composite bearing, the high-precision HPMB® features machinable inner and outer diameters for superior application precision, circularity and cylindricity tolerance (with pre-machined available for immediate installation). 

SBC WITH GAR-MAX® — A sealed GAR-MAX bearing that excludes contamination to offer maintenance-free alternative to greased bronze and roller bearings. The self-lubricating SBC WITH GAR-MAX® features excellent resistance to shock loading and misalignment and high static load capacity. GAR-MAX® features excellent resistance to shock loading and misalignment and high load capacity. With great chemical resistance, it’s ideal for hydraulic cylinders, backhoes, skid steer loaders, and front-end loaders. 


GGB - Tribological Solutions  Metal & Bimetal Bearings 

GGB-CSM® — A thick walled monometal bearing, the self-lubricating and maintenance-free GGB-CSM® is produced by metallurgic powder ​and features homogeneously distributed solid lubricant (graphite, MoS2) in the metallic matrix. With lead-free and corrosion resistant alloys available, it can handle temperatures up to 600°C (depending on alloy). 

GGB-SHB® — A case hardened steel bearing, the GGB-SHB® features a plain or grooved sliding layer and is ideally suited for lubricated applications where there is low rotation speed with high specific pressure.  


GGB - Tribological Solutions  Metal-Polymer Bearings 

HI-EX — A Metal-Polymer hydrodynamic composite bearing, the lead-free HI-EX® features marginal lubrication for good wear and chemical resistance under thin film conditions. Suitable for use with low viscosity fluids, it’s approved to standard ASTM E595/ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C and rated for a maximum temperature of 250°C. 

DX®10 — A Metal-Polymer grease-lubricated bearing solution, the lead-free DX®10 features enhanced chemical and erosion resistance and is ideal for harsh environments. From piston and oil pumps to reciprocating bushings, it features great wear and fatigue performance with high loads and temperatures. 


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