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Eliminating Corrosion

Special design considerations must be made when the bearing is to operate in a corrosive environment.

The high performance bearing range of fiber reinforced composite bearings GAR-MAX®, GAR-FIL®, HSG, GGB-MEGALIFE™ XT and SBC with their reinforced composite structure and inert nature makes these products ideal for corrosive environments such as seawater and acidic environments.

Made with a variety of resins compounded with reinforcing fibers and solid lubricant, the inert nature of injection-molded engineered plastics bearings makes EP™, EP™12, EP™15, EP™22, EP™30, EP43™, EP™44, EP™63, EP™64, EP™73 and EP™79  perfect for corrosive environments.

Bronze baked metal-polymer DP4-B and DU-B bearings offer improved corrosion resistance in outdoor conditions such as in water, marine, and offshore environments. (DP4-B is the recommended product as DU-B contains lead in the bearing overlay)

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