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GGB Bearing Solutions for Railway and Tamping Unit Applications

Tamping Unit

Industrial Bearing Solution

GGB's Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings for Railway


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB railway bearings for tamping units and railway bearing technology

Tamping units are used to tightly pack the irregularly sized stones (or “track ballast”) under railway tracks. This process helps support the track’s structure and improves durability. Most of the vibrating arms found on tamping units use plain bearings.

In this application, bearings are expected to have a service life of at least one season, or roughly nine months, before being replaced – a long time considering the vibration, shock, and harsh weather conditions tamping units face during operation.

Anything short of nine months, however, especially when multiplied across several units, means quickly increasing costs and downtime. HPMB® high precision fiber reinforced composite bearings help ensure optimal performance for the nine months users need – and beyond.

GGB Tamping Units Bearing Solution
GGB's HPMB Solution for Railway Tamping Units

HPMB® high precision fiber-reinforced composite bearings have machinable inner and outer diameters for superior application precision, circularity and cylindricity tolerances. In addition, they offer high precision through easy single-point machining of the bearing liner, on-site prior to installation.

GGB Railway Bearings - Benefits

Using HPMB® high precision fiber-reinforced composite bearings in tamping unit applications provides the following benefits:

  • Corrosion-free due to the nature of its composite structure
  • Excellent wear in dithering operating conditions 
  • Totally maintenance-free operation 
  • Tight tolerances are available via machining after installation 
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent shock and edge-loading capacity
  • Low friction with negligible stick-slip
  • Low wear rate for extended bearing life
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Dimensionally stable - very low water absorption, low swelling
  • Environmentally friendly grease-free operation
  • Made in the USA

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