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In the aerospace industry, safety, reliability, space and weight savings are challenges you constantly face. And so is passenger comfort. GGB surface solutions not only meet and exceed regulations and safety requirements, they also help provide exceptional ride quality for passengers. That’s why they’re trusted by everyone in the aerospace industry—including all major manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft, as well as their Tier-1 suppliers. 

Exceeding Expectations

In the aerospace industry every detail matters. That’s because even the smallest inefficiencies can compromise cost, ride quality and passenger safety.  

From productivity and uptime to passenger safety and comfort—our  lightweight, maintenance-free plain bearings are certified to the AS 9100D quality standard for use in landing gear, flight controls, engines, passenger seating, and a wide variety of made-to-measure applications.  EP®43 and EP®63 engineered plastics bearings as well as metal-polymer bearings DP4® and DU® are approved to standard FAR 25.853 and FAR 25.855 (Federal Aviation Regulations) making them suitable for interior aircraft applications such as seats, hinges, latches and passenger bins.




Reliability and durability for safety and performance
Reliability and durability for safety and performance
  • Landing Gear: Struts, Actuators, Pivots
  • Cockpit Controls
  • Wing, Trailing Edge: Flaps, Spoilers
  • Wing, Leading Edge: Slats
  • Hydraulic Fuel Pumps
  • Flight Control Systems: Aileron, Rudder, Elevator
  • Electric Actuators
  • Engine Components: Guide Vanes, Valves, Fuel Systems, Generators, Pumps
  • Doors: Cargo, Passenger
  • Aircraft Interiors: Seat Mechanisms, Overhead Baggage Compartments, Cargo Bay Floors, Latches, Hinges
  • UAM (Urban Air Mobility) 



The solution to hard chrome plating obsolescence  

With high toxicity levels, high costs, and more bans likely coming in the next decade —chemical conversion coatings are becoming a thing of the past.  GGB polymer coatings can be an effective, environmental-friendly solution. Contact your local Application Engineer for additional information. 



Aerospace Bearings for Landing Gear Applications | GGB Videos

Reduce Weight and Save Space
  • GGB’s more compact, lighter bearings can often replace larger, heavier, lubricated options, leading to essential weight and space savings. 
Enhance Energy Efficiency
  • Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity result in extended service life, while low friction properties reduce power losses for improved equipment performance. 
Reduce Costs
  • GGB bearings eliminate the need for hardening and machining grease paths, while also offering space and weight savings for simplified assembly.
Lower Environmental Impact
  • Greaseless, lead-free GGB surface solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.
Designed for your specific application

GGB’s expansive range of standard or custom surface solutions for the aerospace industry offer numerous benefits like safety, bigger load capacity, higher shock resistance and quieter operation than traditional roller bearings

Case Studies

GGB PTFE plain bearings on mars thanks to their durable nature

GGB Bearings Go to Mars

GGB is helping NASA’s Curiosity rover to explore the surface…


GGB PTFE plain bearings are mounted on curiosity, the mars rover developed by NASA

Curiosity, The Mars Rover

Bearing Application for Curiosity - Mars Rover

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