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Low Friction Solutions for Prosthetics & Prosthesis | GGB Keeps Humanity Moving

Prosthetic manufacturers face the challenge of high costs, tight tolerances, lack of specialists and growing regulations. GGB’s bearing and coating solutions are specifically designed to meet and exceed these requirements. Experience the benefits of lightweight, improved performance through low friction and excellent wear resistance, increased durability, excellent corrosion resistance, reduced system noise and constant behavior. Prosthetic users can rely on TriboShield® polymer coatings and TriboMate® paired coating solutions to keep them in motion while offering excellent stability and fluid movement.

The Big Challenges for Crane Manufacturers & MRO

Automatic lubrication system failure, demanding environments, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues as well as high maintenance costs are major challenges for the crane industry. With GGB's tribological plain bearings and polymer coating solutions, you can increase the productivity of your crane system, extend its service life, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Benefit from our self-lubricating, grease-free plain bearings, TriboShield® polymer coatings and paired TriboMate® coatings solutions which offer low friction and high wear resistance.

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GGB precision bearings for high-load, high-speed compressor applications

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GGB Reliable & Durable Railway Bearing Solutions

Safe, Fuel-Efficient, Low-Maintenance Aerospace Bearing Solutions from GGB

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Bearing & Coating Solutions for Crane Applications

GGB Self-lubricating Plastic Bushings

New HPMB® Composite Machinable Bearings

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