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Case Study

GGB HI-EX composite bearings selected for axial guidance of polishing unit

Pinch Roll Polisher

Case Study

ggb low friction plain bearings in scroll compressors

Zhuhai Landa Air Conditioner Compressors

Zhuhai Gree wanted to take advantage of the benefits of scroll compressors for its air conditioners, but needed to make sure the new technology would be functional and profitable.

Case Study

GGB's Bearings for China's Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant

Special Hydro Bearings for China’s Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant

GGB recently delivered its specially designed, fiber reinforced composite bearings for assembly of the first wicket gate for the first of four Francis turbines that will drive China’s Xiangjiaba hydropower plant.

Case Study

GGB agricultural bearings selected for use in the folding boom pivots of self-propelled sprayers

Self-Propelled Field Sprayer

Case Study

Lokomat®Pro is equipped with several GGB DX plain bearings

Lokomat®Pro Therapy Robot

Founded in 1996, the Swiss-based medical technology company works closely with leading clinics and research centers to develop innovative therapy solutions.

Case Study

GGB fiber reinforced composite bearing and engineered plastics thrust washer for cargo ship

On the Waterfront with GGB Bearings

Case Study

GGB GAR-MAX filament wound bearings selected for modular track systems applications

Modular Track Systems

Case Study

GGB DB Bearings for Panama Canal

Innovative hydro bearings help keep Panama Canal cleaner


GGB recently developed a new type of pintle bearing for refurbishment of the miter gates in the Panama Canal’s lock system.

Case Study

GGB Bearings for Dialysis Machines and Other Medical Equipment

GGB Bearings Eliminate Lubrication, Maintenance from Medical Equipment


Dialysis machines clean toxins from the blood of patients suffering kidney and liver failure using semi-porous membranes, or filters.

Case Study

plain bearings for steel plant applications

Metal Alloy Bearings Keep Steel Cooling Beds Rolling


A major Scandinavian steel producer with global operations recently installed the first section of a new roller cooling bed, for which it turned to GGB for a bearing solution.

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