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The future is here! Continuous advancements in the Electrification of Mobility are paving the way for a more sustainable future for our world. Worldwide green initiatives, regulations and legislation calling for increased efficiency and cleaner energy sources, zero emissions vehicle standards and reduction of greenhouse gases {and/or air pollution} continue to influence the need for sustainable transportation methods and the infrastructures to support them.  Our products provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, sliding surface and friction control solutions.

Let's Move these E-Mobility Ecosystems Forward Together

From sightseeing around town on an e-bike or electric scooter, driving an EV (Electric Vehicle) to work, family event or rideshare, maneuvering an electric golf cart through the neighborhood or golf course, doing long haul commercial transport (in a class 8 electric trucks) or last mile delivery the transition to clean energy electrified vehicles is upon us.  Users have high expectations of comfort, connectivity, reliability, performance and range.  GGB is ready to partner with our customers bringing material science, advanced tribological and surface engineering solutions to E-Mobility applications that enhance user experience.

GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion


E-Mobility Applications

  • Electric Vehicles (EV)GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion
  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Electric Trucks (Class 8)
  • Electric Bicycle (E-Bike)
  • Electric Scooter
  • Electric Fleet Vehicles
  • eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing)GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion
  • Electric Mining Equipment
  • Electric Construction Vehicles
  • Electric Tractors

Advantages of GGB Tribological Materials

Environmentally Friendly Materials (RoHS Compliant)
Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Energy Losses

  • Smooth, Consistent Response

  • Friction Control

Thermal Management
NVH (Noise, Vibration, Hardness) Consideration
Reduce Weight
  • Compact Designs
  • Lightweight Materials


Partner with GGB - Let's build a better Future

Our advanced polymer coatings and metal-polymer, engineered plastics and fiber reinforced composite bearing materials are instrumental in the design of systems that enable maximum energy efficiency by overcoming energy losses due to friction. Partner with GGB’s tribology and application engineering experts early for collaboration while designing components and systems for these carbonless alternatives.