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Our products are used in tens of thousands of critical applications every day on our planet. It is always our goal to provide superior, high-quality solutions for our customers’ needs, no matter where those demands take our products. From space vehicles to golf carts and virtually everything in between; we offer the industry’s most extensive range of high performance, maintenance-free bearing solutions for a multitude of applications.

Eliminating Lubricants & Corrosion

Eliminate Lubricants

Application performance can be improved by eliminating lubricants…

Eliminating Corrosion

Special design considerations must be made when the bearing is to operate in a corrosive…

Increasing Service Life & Improving Efficiency

Increasing Service Life

After benefiting from years of research of the science of…

Improving Efficiency

With increasing fuel prices and the demand to reduce the pollution caused by emissions of…

Replacing Roller Bearings

Simplifying Assembly

Simplifying Assembly

Our one-piece, compact bearing designs are easy to mount and far easier to assemble into the…

Reduce Size & Weight

Reduce Size and Weight

A thin walled or thin sectioned bearing design allows you to create…

Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise

Noise can be generated when two antagonistic surfaces come into contact…

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