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Replace Roller Bearings

Roller and needle bearings are often needlessly complicated for a wide range of applications. That’s why we suggest replacing them with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of plain bearings or our advanced coatings technology.

Here’s a few advantages these solutions offer: 

  • Simple assembly process and tooling by press fit reduces cost and eliminates bearing damage 
    • Many of our bearing solutions offer a compact, one-piece design for space and weight savings.  

    • Our coatings technologies also help eliminate components while providing low friction surface engineering capabilities. 

  • Higher load capacity and excellent shock load resistance with a greater contact zone 

  • Compensation for misalignment and vibration damping with a conformable liner 

  • Quieter performance with less moving parts 

  • Reduced costs of shaft and housing surface finishes and hardness treatments


Markets Plain Bearings Offer Advantages over Roller Bearings


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