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GGB Bearing Solutions for Car Door Hinges

Door Hinge Bushing

Automotive Bearing Solutions

GGB's Bearing Solutions for Automotive Door Hinge Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB Automotive bearings for boot and door hinges

Not unlike the challenges faced by any business, industrial manufacturers need to maintain a reliable product, keep costs low and stay profitable. This can prove exceptionally difficult and ultimately a detriment to business if suppliers fail to provide quality materials for the manufacturing process.

In the case of a door closer, a busy door can be opened and closed several hundred times per day, creating the need for door closer manufacturers to use bearings that perform with unsurpassed reliability and functionality.

Seeking a low-friction plain bearing to replace the expensive needle bearings they were using in their geared pinions, a door closer manufacturer turned to GGB for a bearing solution.

GGB Door Hinge Bushing Solutions


GGB DP4 Automotive Plain Bearings for Cars


DP4® is a lead-free metal-polymer bearing that consists of a strong steel backing, a porous bronze sinter layer, and a low-friction polymer resin liner. DP4® self-lubricating bearings feature a thin wall design for significant space and weight reduction compared to roller bearings.

The manufacturer successfully replaced the expensive needle roller bearings, achieving lower production costs, excellent low friction performance, superior wear resistance and compatibility with the lubricants used in the application.

GGB Door Hinge Bearings - Benefits

GGB DP4® bushings provide the following benefits over needle bearings in door hinge applications:

  • Lower cost than needle bearings
  • Compatibility with most lubricants, including hydraulic mineral oil and water glycol (the most common lubricants used with door closers)
  • Extended service life, having met the requested service life of 500,000 opening cycles and routinely exceeding 1,100,000 cycles in the application

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