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Advancements in railway transportation now require careful consideration when it comes to bearing design, noise reduction and cost factors. Many manufacturers rely on outdated bearing technology, which can pose serious risk to passenger and cargo safety due to increased stress, speed and load on railway components. 

With GGB’s innovative bearing/surface technology and design, the risk of bearing failure is significantly reduced. And thanks to high-load capacity, low friction, a wide operating temperature range and better corrosion resistance—GGB bearing solutions also reduce noise and prevent quality issues all while improving safety at a competitive price.  

Next-level dependability 

GGB Railroad and Train Bearings for Railway Applications

Exceeding expectations 

Nobody understands the challenges the rail, light rail, tram and passenger transit system faces better than GGB. Tight budgets, the need to cut energy costs and demands for greener fleets all compete with passengers’ expectations for on-time service and a comfortable, pleasant travel experience.

Railroad Applications

Bogie System Components  

Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity
  • Brake linkages
  • Anti-roll bar bushes
  • Friction damper bushes
  • Horn block axial guide plates
  • Side bearer liners
  • Current collector bushes
  • King pin bushes
  • Center pivot liner
  • Door opening system bushes
Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity
  • Pantograph bushes
  • Couplings that connect train cars
  • Hook guide plates
  • Fold down seats hinges
  • Ramps for passenger accessibility
  • Railway barrier bearings
  • Various hinges for vehicle interior 



Increase reliability and extend service life in railway applications  
  • Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacity result in extended service life, while low friction and lighter weight reduce power losses for improved equipment performance. 
Lower costs 
  • GGB surface solutions eliminate the need for hardening and machining grease paths, while also offering space and weight savings for simplified assembly
Improve CoP (Coefficient of Performance
  • Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication, while providing smooth operation, reducing wear, extending service life resulting in greener operation. 
Reduce noise 
  • The surface materials used in the bearings we design for railways consist of innovative technologies for superior noise reduction.  
Combat corrosion and expand operating-temperature range 
  • GGB plain bearings deliver a greater operating temperature and excellent resistance to corrosive environments with low swelling and thermal expansion. 
Unique Solutions and simplified designs 
  • At GGB, we can look at your current design and find room for space savings if we’re involved early enough in the design process. A simplified, custom solution translates to cost savings – because simplified surface solutions are easier to assemble and require less downtime to install and less overall resources to get trains up and running again.