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Increasing Service Life

After benefiting from years of research of the science of tribology, of knowledge from repeated and rigorous test programs and of experience in numerous applications, we have designed and developed an extensive range of surface engineered products. 
From this comprehensive range of products based on varying innovative formulations and unique structures, we can provide the optimal solution to suit your operating conditions and service life requirements.

For applications with rotating, oscillating, reciprocating and sliding movements, we offer solutions that last under diverse and difficult operating conditions such as: 

  • High static or shock loads encountered in all types of agricultural and construction equipment 

  • High speed with improved energy efficiency for automotive electric vehicles

  • High-load, long-life and reliability in railway equipment 

  • Heavy duty and harsh environments found in the oil and gas industry 

  • Temperature extremes, from the icy cold of outer space to the blazing heat of melting metal in a foundry 


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