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GGB self-lubricating bearings for hvac compressors in cars

HVAC Compressors

Automotive Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearings for Automotive Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB Automotive Bearings for HVAC Compressors

To improve performance, manufacturers of automotive air conditioning HVAC compressors are constantly in the search of new solutions enabling:

  • More compact designs to reduce weight for lower fuel consumption and easier installation
  • Smoother operation to reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) for greater customer satisfaction
  • Better compatibility with new, more environmentally friendly refrigerants 
  • Greater suitability under low-speed idling and stop-start operation for reduced fuel consumption
GGB Automotive Bearing Solution
GGB's DP31 Bushings for Automotive HVAC Compressors

The structure of GGB DP31 metal polymer self-lubricating bearings consists of a strong steel backing, a sinter bronze interlayer impregnated and overlaid with an anti-friction overlay consisting of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), fluoropolymer and other performance enhancing fillers.

The design, structure and composition of DP31 self-lubricating bearings are ideally suited to HVAC compressors and have successfully replaced needle roller bearings. 

GGB Automotive Bearings - Benefits

For HVAC compressors, the benefits of metal polymer GGB DP31 composite bearings include:

  • Compact, weight-saving designs ; thin-wall bearings allow housing dimensions to be reduced 
  • Better damping and lower operating noise due to the absence of moving parts and metal-to-metal contact between the bearing and shaft.
  • Conformable bearing liner for better compensation for misalignment and edge loading from shaft deflection, particularly on the pulley side
  • Simpler assembly due to the absence of moving parts
  • Improved reliability and self-lubrication properties during low-speed idling and stop-start operation 
  • Compatibility with new refrigerants
  • Environmentally friendly lead-free bearing composition

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