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GGB HSG Bearing Solution for Crop Sprayer Boom Arm

Crop Sprayer Steering Kingpins

Agricultural Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearing Solution for Crop Sprayer Boom Arms


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB HSG plain bearings and bushings for crop sprayer boom arms

Self-propelled and trailed crop sprayers apply controlled doses dry and liquid herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to agricultural crops. To enhance their maneuverability, self-propelled crop sprayers are available with four-wheel direction and drive.

In addition to being equipped with an independent dual strut and air spring suspension, each wheel is steered via a kingpin assembly fitted with antifriction plain bearings.

GGB Agricultural Plain Bearing Solution
GGB's DX® Metal-Polymer Solution for Agriculture

Optimal performance in this high load, low speed application is obtained by mounting DX® steel-backed bearings with a porous bronze sinter interlayer and pin indented acetal sliding layer.

GGB Agricultural Bearings - Benefits

The benefits gained from using DX® grease-lubricated plain bearings are:

  • Indented surface layer serves as a grease reservoir for extended lubrication intervals
  • Optimal retention and distribution of lubricant over the bearing sliding layer for reduced friction and wear and extended service life
  • Central lubrication hole to facilitate regreasing and expel contaminants from the bearing

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