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GGB SBC with HSG agricultural bushings for rubber track systems

Rubber Track System

Agricultural Bearing Solution

GGB's Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearing Solution for Rubber Track System Applications

SBC with HSG

Bearing Application Requirements
GGB SBC with HSG agricultural bushings for rubber track systems

Standard wheel-driven tractors and harvesters are available in rubber track versions for better traction in muddy, sandy, soft and slippery terrain.

Hardened steel bearings mounted in the track system required frequent lubrication, exhibited extensive wear and became corroded with rust.

GGB Agricultural Plain Bearing Solution
GGB SBC with HSG Bearings for Agriculture

SBC Sealed Bearing Cartridges with HSG (High Strength GAR-MAX®) fiber reinforced composite bearings replaced the steel bearings in the shock absorber and track tensioner assemblies.

This provides a cost-effective, maintenance-free, environmental friendly solution for demanding applications in agricultural, construction and other off-highway equipment.

GGB Agricultural Bearings - Benefits

The benefits gained from using SBC sealed bearing cartridges are:

  • Environmentally friendly dry operation eliminating possible soil pollution from grease
  • Reduced equipment costs without the need for lubrication systems, pathways, hoses, nipples/zerks and expensive grease retention seals
  • Reduced ownership cost with maintenance-free operation and extended service life
  • Rugged bearing design with excellent resistance to shock loads and edge loading from shaft misalignment
  • All composite bearing structure provides outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Ease of installation with integrated seals to exclude contaminants

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