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GGB Bearing Solutions for Hand Parking Brake

Parking Brakes

Automotive Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearings for Automotive Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB self-lubricating Thrust Washers for automotive Hand Brake systems

GGB DP4® high-performance, metal-polymer flat thrust washers successfully replaced needle roller bearings in a rear braking system. The system combines mechanical and hydraulic functions to apply a braking force when a vehicle is parked.

Torque generated by depressing a floor-mounted pedal or pulling a lever is converted to a clamping action by a shaft immersed in brake fluid that rotates three balls into a wedge-like mechanism.

The bearings must withstand forces of up to 15 000 N / 3 300 lbs and reduce friction created by the relative movement of the shaft, rotating up to 30 degrees every second or less.

GGB Automotive Bearing Solution
GGB's DP4® Metal-Polymer Bushing for Automotive

The lead-free GGB DP4® thrust washers were benchmarked, compared with alternative options and ultimately used to replace the needle roller bearings.

The structure of GGB DP4® composite bearings consists of a rigid steel backing, to which is bonded a porous bronze sinter interlayer impregnated and overlaid with a filled PTFE bearing layer. This highly resistant composite bearing structure can withstand specific loads of up to 250 MPa / 36 000 psi. 

GGB Automotive Thrust Washers - Benefits

In this application, the excellent self-lubricating properties of GGB DP4 metal-polymer thrust washer bearings enable the following benefits to be obtained:

  • Superior antifriction and wear performance in both dry and lubricated running conditions
  • More compact and lighter weight designs with a reduced 1 mm wall thickness
  • Easier mounting in the assembly with a one piece bearing design
  • To date, millions of braking systems operate with GGB DP4® self-lubricating metal-polymer thrust washers with complete security and reliability.

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