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GGB Industrial Bearing Solutions for Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Bearing Solutions

GGB's Bearing Solutions for Vacuum Pumps


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB industrial hydrodynamic bearings for pumps and industrial applications

There are nearly as many types of vacuum pumps as there are applications. Vacuum pumps are used in the production of electric lamps, semiconductor fabrication, medical radiation processes and to create vacuums in sealed containers for science experiments.

In all of these applications, it is critically important to keep consistent vacuum pump performance to ensure either product quality or optimal process integrity. The suction load, temperature, leakage rate and other process parameters are crucial for proper function. To obtain this consistency, low friction, wear resistant bearings are required in the cover and housing bushes.

One manufacturer sought to improve the performance and durability of their pumps by replacing their needle bearings with a plain bearing solution.


GGB Industrial Bearing Solutions
GGB DP31 self-lubricating composite plain bearing for automotive applications

DP31 is a hydrodynamic composite metal-polymer bearing that is ideal for lubricated pump applications. DP31 plain bearings consist of a strong steel backing, a porous bronze sinter and a sliding layer of PTFE, fluoropolymers and other filler materials to provide ultra low friction.

DP31 hydrodynamic plain bearings feature low friction performance and excellent wear resistance in lubricated conditions. Additionally, DP31 industrial bearings feature excellent resistance to flow erosion and cavitation, assuring long service life in pump applications.

GGB Industrial Bushing for Vacuum Pumps - Benefits

The following characteristics of DP31 metal-polymer plain bearings make them ideal for vacuum pump applications:

  • Proprietary formulation of PTFE layer provides enhanced performance under lubricated conditions
  • Corrosion-resistant to various common lubricant media, including paraffin, gasoline, kerosene, mineral oil and water
  • One-piece, thin wall design allows for pump housing space reductions.

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