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Reduce Noise

Noise can be generated when two antagonistic surfaces come into contact and/or are sliding against one another. 

This can occur when metal-to-metal surfaces are in contact with insufficient lubrication to separate the surfaces.  

Bearing noise, in particular irritating squeaking noises, can occur when the grease or the oil in the system dries up. 

By replacing one of the metal surfaces by a polymer-based composite bearing surface enables, firstly, a metal-to-composite contact (instead of a metal-to-metal contact) and, secondly, by incorporating a polymer in the sliding layer, ensures a dry lubricant to be present in the contact zone. 

The natural self-lubricating properties of our antifriction metal-polymer bearingsEP™ series engineered plastic bearings and fiber reinforced composite bearings all allow perfect operation without the usage of additional lubricants whereby eliminating the risk of noise.

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