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GGB Bearings for Heavy-duty fluid power solutions

Internal Gear Pumps and Motors

Bearing Solutions for Fluid Power

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bushings for Fluid Power


Pump Bearing Application Requirements
GGB plain bearings ideal for hydraulic, vane, gear, piston pumps

Internal gear pumps and motors are used in numerous industries, including construction, agriculture, automotive and material handling equipment, chemicals, pulp and paper, printing, food and beverage.

They operate with a fixed flow at high mechanical efficiency and low noise levels thanks to the precise positioning of their drive shafts.

GGB Pump Bearing Solution
DTS10 Metal-Polymer Bearing Solutions for Pumps

The drive shafts are supported by two plain bearings subject to various conditions of temperatures, speeds and fluid viscosities. Noise performance is directly related to the position of the drive shaft with respect to the internal gears and crescent-shaped seals.

DTS10® precision plain bearings are used for high performance gear pumps and motors requiring a full control of the drive shaft position.

GGB Pump Bearings - Benefits

The characteristics and benefits of using DTS10® antifriction plain bearing solution are:

  • Bearings for pump & motor: DTS10® precision plain bearing with PTFE is used for high performance gear pumps & motors requiring a full control of the drive shaft position and tight inner diameter tolerances without compromising tribological performance
  • Minimum overlay thickness of 0.10 mm permitting the bore of the assembled bearings to be machined leaving intact a thin layer of lubricious PTFE on the bearing surface
  • Consistent and uniform bearing inner diameters which eliminates additional sizing and classification operations
  • Compatibility with most standard machining processes, including turning, broaching, reaming and milling

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