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GGB Bearing Solutions for Gearbox and Shifter Forks

Gearbox Shifting Towers and Shifter Forks

Automotive Bearing Solution

GGB's Metal-Polymer Bearings for Automotive Applications


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB DP4 Automotive bearings for automotive gearbox applications

The performance of a manual or DCT automotive gearbox is typically measured by its efficiency, ease of operation and the gear change smoothness and rapidity. These characteristics must remain constant even after the millions of gear changes that occur during the lifetime of a vehicle.

To shift the gears, the gear stick in the vehicle is linked via cables to a shifting tower in the gearbox that activates the shifter forks positioned between the gear sets.

When the gear stick is moved from 1st to 2nd gear, from 2nd to 3rd gear etc., the bearings in the shifting tower and shifter forks slide on steel rails in rotational and linear movements to activate each gear change. 

GGB Automotive Bearing Solution
DP4 bearings for transmissions

To ensure reliable and smooth working whether operating under dry (after a period of rest) or lubricated conditions, GGB DP4 metal polymer composite bearings are mounted in the shifter forks and in the shifting towers.

The structure of GGB DP4 self-lubricating bearings consists of a strong steel backing, to which is bonded a porous bronze sinter interlayer impregnated and overlaid with a low friction PTFE enriched  wear resistant bearing layer. 

GGB Automotive Bearings - Benefits

Some of the benefits obtained by using GGB DP4 self-lubricating plain bushings are the following:

  • Rapid gearshift speeds and smooth operation with reduced operating forces from the enriched PTFE based antifriction bearing overlay under dry or lubricated operating conditions
  • Precise shift changes with low-clearances from precise bearing tolerances
  • Compact and lightweight designs
  • Better damping and reduced noise with the low-friction bearing overlay 
  • Simple assembly and retention of the bearing in the housing even at high operating temperatures

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