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GGB PTFE plain bearings are mounted on curiosity, the mars rover developed by NASA

Curiosity, The Mars Rover

Bearing Application for Curiosity - Mars Rover

GGB was chosen by Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the durable nature of our specific products. GGB bearing materials set the industry standard for performance and manufacturability; our products are cutting edge thanks to the use of proprietary wear surface chemistry. These attributes allowed JPL to design specific dimensional shapes for very demanding use in the percussion drill device. Weight savings, low cross section, exceptionally durable: these are the attributes that are allowing Curiosity to drill rocks on the Martian surface.

Our customers come to GGB because we invented PTFE plain bearings besides offering daily innovation and technology. GGB specializes exclusively in plain bearing manufacture in order to research, develop and offer the most comprehensive product portfolio in the global market. We do this with the highest level of safety, quality, customer service and application expertise.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Logo
Working with Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratories is certainly an honor.
Communication throughout the entire process was as professional as one would expect from such a great institution.
The design process was pure engineering at the highest level on both sides.

Brett Ricci, Aerospace Sales Engineer. Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA

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