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GGB Bearing Solutions for Aircraft Landing Gears and Aerospace Applications

Landing Gear

Elevate expectations with solutions that soar

In the aerospace industry, landing gear design engineers are faced with one of the most crucial applications for ensuring a safe flight. Landing gear is the principal support of an aircraft during landing, by absorbing the landing impact energy to minimize the load transmitted to the airframe and the passengers on board. 

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear

Dependable solutions for smooth landings

Flying can be a stressful and uneasy experience for people, with plane landings being one of the more nerve-racking parts of the trip. To keep passenger comfort and mind at ease, landing gear engineers are responsible for finding reliable solutions that can handle the high impact load a plane undergoes, while providing fluid movement for smooth takeoffs and landings. A landing gear failure forces the pilots to do a gear-up or belly landing resulting in costly damage to the aircraft and a traumatic experience for passengers.

Grease-less solutions for a longer service life

Landing gear solutions also need to stand up against corrosion and engineers are looking for lightweight solutions that can reduce unscheduled maintenance and downtime. Self-lubricating solutions allow engineers to swap out old heavier metal and bronze bearings that require regreasing for self-lubricated solutions that require little maintenance, offer a lighter and more compact solution, and prolongs the life of the aircraft as it will reduce the need for it to be taken out of service to replace failed or greased bearings.

Bearings & Coatings for Landing Gear Applications

Solutions that exceed industry expectations

GGB understands that the aerospace industry requires solutions that meet FAA, SAE, and other government standards and regulations and has designed our materials to exceed these expectations. Our lightweight, maintenance-free plain bearings are certified to the AS9100D quality standards for use in landing gear and a variety of other aircraft applications.


GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear

Landing Gear Applications: 
  • Struts 

  • Actuation 

  • Pivot Points


The GGB Advantage 

Design engineers can work closely with our expert aerospace engineers to select the right materials to absorb high loads while providing fluid movement. Partnering with GGB allows landing gear engineers to feel relief in knowing there is a reliable and durable solution that makes every plane landing fluid and gentle on the aircraft and its’ passengers.

Advantages of GGB’s Tribological Materials 


Excellent friction management 
  • GGB’s materials offer excellent low friction properties that absorb the impacts of high loads to allow for smooth fluid movements resulting in safe landings & takeoffs. 


Space and weight reduction 
  • GGB offers compact and lightweight bearing solutions that can replace larger and heavier metal options leading to essential weight and space savings.


Enhance energy efficiency with extended service life 
  • Superior wear resistance and high shock load capacities result in extended service life, while low friction properties reduce overall power losses for improved system performance. 


High corrosion resistance 
  • GGB materials withstand corrosive environments found in air and space travel for exceptional performance. 

Environmentally friendly materials (RoHS compliant)
  • GGB offers a wide range of lead-free and grease-free surface materials that comply with RoHS directives as well as AS9100D (EN9100) quality standards. Our solutions offer sustainability that can help reduce your carbon footprint, removing heavy bulky or greased materials. 

R&D partner with a global presence 
  •  By working with you at the very start of the design process, we can leverage our tribological expertise and in-house R&D capabilities to review and ensure that the bearing and surrounding components are the most cost-effective.


 GGB Bearing and Coating Solutions for Landing Gear

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear

DP4® / DP4-B

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear

DU® / DU-B

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear


GGB - Tribological Solutions for Landing Gear

TriboShield® Coatings

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