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GGB's Engineered Plastic Bearing Solution for SUVs and trucks for Electric Side Step Application

Electric Side Step

Automotive Bearing Solution

GGB's Engineered Plastic Bearing Solution for SUVs, trucks and other sport vehicles


Bearing Application Requirements
GGB Bearing Solutions for Electric Side Steps on SUVs and Truck Applications

To facilitate access to vehicles with high ground clearance such as Jeeps, SUVs and others, side-steps are installed under the doors.

Electrically powered versions are available that automatically unfold when the door is opened, then refold flush to the vehicle body to improve ground clearance and reduce aerodynamic drag.

GGB Bearing Solution for Automotive
GGB EP43 Engineered thermoplastic flange bearings in solid polymer

Corrosion resistance was a major factor in selection of the automotive bearings since they would have to operate in all types of weather and harsh conditions such as temperature extremes, water, snow, ice, dust, dirt and mud. With their non-metallic structure and low water absorption, injection-molded engineered plastics EP®43 flanged bearings are mounted in the pivot points of the folding mechanism.

GGB Automotive Bearings - Benefits

Ideals for automotive applications, the EP®43 flanged bearings offer the following benefits:

  • Proven trouble-free, corrosion-resistant performance under all-weather driving conditions
  • Precision tolerances and low water absorption for reduced, stable clearances in the assembly
  • No stick-slip and steady low-friction performance for smooth operation and reduced loads when folding and unfolding the step
  • Lightweight design reducing vehicle fuel consumption and improving energy efficiency
  • Quiet, self-lubricating, maintenance-free operation

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