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GGB Surface Solutions for Exoskeletons for Therapy


Tribological Surface Solutions make you mobile

At GGB, we know the barriers that exoskeleton engineers and manufacturers face in the industrial and medical markets—especially as new, exoskeleton technology becomes more widely adopted. Robotics and exoskeletons are the way of the future for physical therapy and rehabilitation in numerous medical applications. And in industrial applications, exoskeletons can better automate workflow for improving efficiency and mass production. GGB`s tribological surface solutions not only meet the regulation criteria for exoskeleton design, function and performance—they exceed them.

Exceeding Expectations 

GGB understands the unique challenges the exoskeleton industry faces, such as clinical and testing regulations, slow adoption rate and high costs. Our range of tribological coatings and bearings are specifically designed to alleviate these challenges by meeting and exceeding the strict criteria for exoskeleton design and function. 

exoskeletons for therapy and industrial use





  • Manufacturing and assembly  
  • Workflow automation 
  • Order fulfillment 


Maximise workflow with polymer coatings in exoskeletons Maximize industrial workflow 

With GGB bearing and surface solutions for exoskeletons, manufacturers can better automate workflow and get more done with fewer employees. 


Enhance manufacturing productivity with low-friction Coatings Enhance manufacturing productivity 

Industrial applications can enhance manufacturing capabilities by enabling mass custom production with less downtime. 




  •  Physical therapy 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Mobility  


Improve medical treatments with polymer coatings in exoskeletons Improve medical treatment outcomes

Medical facilities can deliver innovative technology that provides unlimited potential for physical therapy and rehabilitation patients.  



Outperforming the Competition 

GGB can provide customers with a viable tribological solution for medical and industrial exoskeleton builds. Our application and tribology experts can develop a design proposal and supply samples in a shorter time than the competition, outperforming all other proposals. 

The next level of tribological performance

TriboMate® and TriboShield® coatings are durable, lightweight, grease-free solutions that can achieve this, by improving performance by reducing friction, increasing wear life, reducing system noise and greatly improving corrosion resistance. ​Polymer coatings can be applied to nearly any surface, regardless of shape or material, their potential is almost limitless:​

  • Better chemical and corrosion protection ​
  • Reduced reliance on third-party oils or greases ​
  • Customizable​
  • Reduced surface requirements​
  • Simpler design means fewer parts and greater reliability ​
  • Safer—less catastrophic and equipment failures​

GGB’s TriboMate® paired coatings are specifically designed to work with and enhance the performance of GGB products—bearings and TriboShield® coatings. ​

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