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GGB tribological coatings for demanding prosthetics applications


Prosthetics pose unique challenges

Advancing prosthetic technology in clinical practices is the way of the future. But today, it still carries significant challenges for product engineers in the field of prosthetics and orthotics—from high costs and growing regulations to manufacturing repeatability and inadequate insurance coverage for end users. The way forward starts with GGB’s tribological surface solutions. 



The Future of Prosthetic Mobility

GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion


At GGB, our bearings and polymer coatings solutions for prosthetic applications are specifically engineered to meet and exceed engineering requirements for durability, longevity and cost. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re also designed to improve the quality of life and enhance mobility for amputee patients. 


Limitless Possibilities in Prosthetic Mobility ǀ GGB

In the prosthetic industry every solution is a custom fit. Like prosthetics, GGB understands working closely with customers to design the best fit solution. You can rely on GGB for durable bearing components and polymer coatings that will keep you in motion while offering excellent stability and fluid movement. How can we help you keep moving humanity forward?



From biomechanical foot and limb issues to physical rehabilitation and enhancing mobility for amputee patients
•    Orthotics 
•    Prosthetics 
are two medical fields that greatly benefit from advanced prosthesis designs.



Pivot Points

GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

Our EP® series of engineered plastics materials and advanced polymer coatings offer excellent stability and a range of motion without the need of additional lubricants. 





Hydraulics / Pneumatics

GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

GGB tribological coating solutions extend the life cycle of the prosthetics and reduce maintenance intervals and offer excellent wear life and tight tolerances. 





Reduce system costs with GGB tribological solutions Reduce service and maintenance costs 

Service and maintenance costs for an average prosthesis are 15-20% higher than the actual cost to produce it, which is an issue for both manufacturers and end users. 


System longevity with GGB tribological solutions Longevity and durability

Less maintenance in the long-run means that both engineers and patients get a higher-quality product that delivers durability and performance.


Achieve tight tolerances with GGB Polymer Coatings Tight tolerances 

Engineers need to design with tight tolerance in mind so that manufacturers can cost effectively produce their prostheses. GGB’s surface solutions aren’t just cost effective to the engineer, they’re also reliable for everybody else in the purchasing chain—from suppliers and medical facilities to the end user.  


GGB solutions for prosthetics Prosthetics pose unique challenges

GGB - Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

Engineers and prosthetic specialists are facing increasing demands to deliver high performance prosthetics. GGB can provide customers with surface solutions for any prosthesis or prototype. Our application and tribology experts can develop a unique design proposal and supply samples at short notice. 
TriboShield and TriboMate paired coatings can be supplied to nearly any surface, regardless of shape and material and: 
•    are lightweight
•    grease-free
•    reduce friction
•    offer an excellent wear life
•    reduce system noise 

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