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GGB automotive seating bushings and bearings

Automotive Seating

Customized Solutions for Automobile Seating

Electrification is underway and moving faster than initially expected. With new regulations, such as the “Euro 7 emission standards or the EU “Fit for 55 programme” are driving the trend of electrification, together with rapid advancements in technology
and changing consumer behavior.

The comfort and range challenges posed by BEV´s (Battery Electric Vehicles) are driving demand for higher power efficiency, noise reduction and general light-weighting of all vehicle components. The car seat is one area that will evolve quickly due to changing trends and the need to operate quietly for passenger comfort, operate longer, and be fully maneuverable.  Moreover, seats have to provide many additional functions, which increases their weight and the adjusting mechanism’s rotation speed becomes faster.  

Vehicle seat designers are challenged to meet the drivers' demands for a smoother, quieter, and more comfortable experience – and they expect it to last.  

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Automotive Seating

At the end of the day, an automotive interior connects people to their vehicles, and seat designers must accomplish all of this while minimizing costs and fulfilling the even more stringent regulations in regards of sustainability.  The importance of developing increasingly flexible and secure seats cannot be overlooked, all while reducing component weight and minimizing noise.

It is time to think small 

What many engineers do not realize is that bearings often determine other components, including the housing, shaft, and support structures, and are instrumental to a properly fit seat. These small components can cause a chain reaction that results in unforeseen consequences.  


Customized Solution Engineering 

Such car seat mechanism designs require a high level of tribology expertise, engineering design and creativity from a multi-disciplinary team to generate new design concepts, test them and converge towards an optimized solution.  

GGB bearings in automotive seats

From assembly, packaging, and logistics to technical support, GGB expands beyond traditional surface engineered solutions to create something that is uniquely adapted for your requirements. GGB seat bearings and surface solutions not only meet strict criteria for the design, function, and CO2 emissions, they also help make for safer vehicles with better fuel economy. 

Automotive Seats Applications

Seat Recliner Mechanism 

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Automotive Seating

GGB Solutions
  • Easy assembly by using flanged washers and/or reverse wrapped bushes 
  • Reduced stick-slip  
  • Less components by applying GGB Polymer Coatings 
  • Stiffer and more robust bearing materials 


Sliding Rails

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Automotive Seating

GGB Solutions


Height Adjusters

GGB - Tribological Solutions for Automotive Seating

GGB Solutions
  • Customized designs, e.g. oval-shaped bushes, conical bushings, flanged thrust washers, FLASH-CLICK double flanged bearing assembly, 0.5 mm bearing material thickness
  • Material offer aligned to meet lifetime requirements 
  • Compatibility with cataphoresis (DP4®, DP11, DX®10, HI-EX® bushes)
  • Stiffer bearing materials


Trust the partner 

Engineered Solutions 
  • High burnishable seat bearings 
  • Big diameter flanged bushes 
  • Close gap solutions (welded/clinched) 
  • Special features  
Product Design Solutions 
Tribological Materials 
  • Stiff products 
  • Grease- and lubricant-free products 
  • Corrosion-free materials 
  • Low friction materials 
  • Pollution and debris prevention 
Global Footprint 
  • Local production help reduce transportation ways and CO2 emissions and reduces delivery time 
  • Global R&D network with triboloy, chemistry, material science experts 
  • Local commercial and technical support 
  • Fast prototyping 

With more than 20 years of partnerships with major seat manufacturers globally and over 60 million manufactured pieces annually, you can rely on GGB´s solutions. We help our customers with their surface engineering and tribological needs to create better and more competitive solutions. That is why we offer clean and compliant with the European´s Union´s End of Life Vehicle (ELV) directive on the elimination of hazardous materials.   


As you get started designing and concepting your automotive car seat project, you have plenty of options given our wide array of tribological solutions. 

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