Improve bearing service life with GGB high performance plain bearings

Increase Service Life

GGB offers a complete range of high performance plain bearings that can meet and exceed service life requirements for numerous applications with rotating, oscillating and sliding movements and under diverse and difficult operating conditions, such as high static or shock loads, temperature extremes and abrasive environments.

The unique formulation and structure of these bearings is the result of GGB`s significant investment in research, design, development and thousands of hours of continuous and rigorous testing.

From its extensive range of products, GGB can provide the optimal solution to suit the operating conditions and offer the best service life.

GGB`s long experience and deep expertise in plain bearings allows its application engineers to assist in the selection of the appropriate bearing according to each specific requirement. For heavy duty and harsh environments DX®10 and GGB-DB™ bronze bushings are recommended, for high load capacity requirements GGB recommends GAR-MAX® self-lubricating bearings.  

The high quality standards of GGB’s manufacturing process starts with raw material procurement and continues through the forming of the bearings, assuring for each application consistent and superior bearing performance.